Asian Themed Aquarium Decor

Asia is such a magical and mysterious place that most of us Westerners know very little about. Oriental architecture and wildlife has captured our imaginations for years and is something that has started to become a part of our own culture. So with this in mind, it is no surprise that Asian themed aquarium decor is becoming an increasingly popular decoration to add to our fish tanks! Although you might not have a puffer fish at home, all fish are synonymous with the relaxed Asian culture. This is exactly why we have decided to create this list of Chinese fish tank decorations that have been inspired by Asia. Enjoy!

Asian Gazebo




I wish I had one of these in my garden! I would chill out in there playing my pan flute and eating sushi….unfortunately this one is only a few inches tall, so it’s not really suitable for me. But luckily for your fish, it would fit very snug in their fish tank! Plus, it has a ton of positive reviews over on Amazon, so click the green button to check some of them out.

Bonsai Tree





Bonsai is not just something that samurai warriors shout when they charge into battle, it is also a type of tree. Usually they are pretty small and kinda weird looking, but we love this aquarium sized tree which looks really cool in our opinion. It is about 8 inches tall, and has loads of positive reviews on Amazon (like all of the products we include) so check it out by clicking the green button above!

Buddha Statue





Buddha is a chill dude, everybody knows that. Plus, he is synonymous with Asian culture, and everything that Asia represents. This aquarium ornament is very well made and is not too large, so it should fit comfortably in most reasonably sized aquariums. Plus, it has a ton of positive reviews on Amazon, so it must be pretty good!

Bamboo Shoots




When I think about Asia, one of the first images that pops to mind is bamboo. Bamboo is a huge part of Asian culture that is used for a variety of things, including food, decoration and health. Normally bamboo is associated with being a panda’s best friend, but your fish will love it too! It provides cover for hiding and also looks nice as decoration. There are also other decor ornaments available from the same company so be sure to check them out by clicking the green button above. Some of the other products included with this item include a marble sculpture, a mini bonsai tree and a cool asian style lily. So be sure to have a look!


So there is our collection of Asian themed decorations for your aquarium. All of the decor included above has been selected based on it’s quality, value for money and customer reviews. All items are handled and dispatched through Amazon, so you can be safe in the knowledge that your delivery will get to you safely and efficiently. FishTankBank is the ultimate place to find ornaments and decorations for your fish tank!