Black And White Fish Tank Decorations

You know what, sometimes, the world can be too colourful. There, I said it. People are obsessed with colour. It’s supposed to cheer you up, they say. Well guess what, I’m on a colour strike. I want black and white in my life from now on. And I’m taking my fish with me. I mean, my fish comes from the sea, and lives in water. He has been surrounded by colour since the day he was born. What about those days he wants to look at black or white? So I composed this list of awesome black and white decorations for fish tanks especially for him. I hope he appreciates it. If you feel like your fish could do with a break from colour for a while, why not check out this list too? It’s for your fish’s sake!

Fluorescent Aquarium Black & White Fish Tank Gravel



Aquarium Gravel might not be the most exciting item to start this list with, but this particular product has a trick up it’s sleeve. Not only do these aquarium rocks fit the criteria that we are looking for (black and white) but the white rocks are actually fluorescent, which is extra cool. What’s more, they have an average Amazon score of 4 and a half stars from 230 reviews, making them a seriously popular product with the users. If you want to read some of the good reviews, click the green button above.

Black Aquarium Gravel/Sand



You might be wondering where the white is here. Good question. But this item was far too good not to include on this list. Plus, you can pair it with another item like the coral below and still have a cool theme going on. This is another item that has a ton of positive reviews on Amazon, plus, it actually assists in keeping the tank nice and clean, as it helps break down any waste. Pretty good job for gravel.

White Coral Decoration



We included this badass coral (that must be the first time coral has been described as ‘badass’) because it is more than just a coral ornament. Yep, it’s also fluorescent. So it makes your tank look even better in darker lighting, which is when everybody wants their tank to look cool, right? In case your fish brings round any lady friends or something.

Hiding Cave



Don’t look at me like that. This is white and black. It’s just a bad picture, ok? We have this at home and it is totally black and white, and looks really cool against the black gravel that we featured above. It’s a hiding rock, so gives your fish something to hide in and play around with. Plus, it’s stackable, so if you had a few of them you could create a tower of hiding places. We love versatile decorations.

100% Glass Fish Tank Stones




These smooth aquarium stones are made from 100% glass, and are nice and smooth, so won’t bother your fish. They are also available in a clear colour, so you can mix and match them and create a cool reflective effect. This is another item with a high amount of positive reviews on Amazon, so check it out.



So there is our list of cool black and white decorations for your fish tank. Every item has been selected based on it’s customer reviews, value for money and general appeal, so we hope you enjoy them. Because the items are handled and shipped through Amazon, you can be safe in the knowledge that your product will arrive safely and quickly. Remember, black and white doesn’t have to be boring! It’s cool for your fish tank to have a theme, and mixing these shades will create an awesome effect that is both stylish and practical.