Star Wars Fish Tank Decor & Ornaments

Force Awakens Millennium Falcon Ornament

We’ve included this Star Wars ornament because we know that it is safe for use as decor in a fish tank – there is even a review saying so, which you should definitely check out for more tips.

X-Wing Lego Set Decoration

Lego is an often underused decoration in fish tanks, despite the fact that it can be customized in a wide variety of ways, and it looks great. Which is why we decided to include this X-Wing ornament in our list. Plus, you’ll be able t0 recreate the classic ‘sunken x-wing’ look from the original trilogy. You’ll need to find a way to weight the ornament down, but you can easily fill lego decorations like this with heavy stones or gravel. Check it out below.

Batman Aquarium Decorations

Na na na na na na na na……BATMAN! Never gets old. I feel like a big kid again whenever I hear his name. It was always my dream to be his sidekick, Robin (I’m not tall enough to be Batman). And trust me when I say that fish have the same dreams as us. The only superhero that they have to look up to is Aquaman, and he sucks! The only problem is that fish wouldn’t exactly get along with Catwoman…..that could end in tears. Anyway, we wanted to celebrate the fact that fish love Batman by compiling a list of aquarium decorations that celebrate the famous caped crusader. So we have been searching the web high and low for decorations that would do him justice…….league. Ah, I knew I’d get that one in somewhere. So without further ado, check out the list of batman decorations that you can use in your fish tanks:

Adam West Batman Bust

The original Batman, Adam West, has been immortalized in this awesome little bust. He’s clutching his Bat Belt, ready to unleash an array of gadgets to help him beat villains like The Joker and The Penguin. Or maybe he’s just got an itchy crotch. Either way, we like this bust a lot. It’s by a company called Diamond Select, and we’ve actually included a few of their products in this list.


Batman Statue



This Batman decoration is an extremely high quality and well made item that would look great in any tank. It has a nice weight to it that helps in stand firm underwater, and it is made from quality materials. It was made in Japan, and is a limited edition figure that is a must for any Batman collector. It has a ton of positive reviews over on Amazon, with an average star rating of 4 and a half stars from over 80 reviews. Many of the reviewers comment on how well made the item is, and that they were pleasantly pleased with their order. If you’d like to take a closer look at this item, click on the green button above.

Batman Character Busts



Look at these awesome guys! They are old school Batman, which is what I love! Also, they are great for collectors, or anyone who loves Batman as much as I do. What I love about these guys is that they are really colorful too, and will brighten up any tank that they go into. I’ve selected a few above to check out, but there are loads of different figures that you could choose from. My favourite is probably the Robin bust (as I’ve already mentioned, I absolutely love Robin and he is my idol). But they are both very well made pieces that are high quality and well made. To check out these items closer, click on the button below.



The batmobile is the ultimate superhero vehicle! It is without doubt the best way to take out bad guys whilst looking like a badass yourself! The item above is a really high quality piece that has a good bit of weight to it, so will sit comfortably at the bottom of your tank. You’ll probably only be able to keep this decoration if you have a decent sized fish tank (like a 50/55/60 gallon or a 40 gallon). If you want to take a closer look at this product, press the green button above.



Zombie Fish Tank Decorations

It’s getting closer to Halloween every day, and we are getting into the spooky spirit. We’ve got it on good authority that fish love Halloween too. One of their favourite things to dress up as for the October holiday is a zombie (or so we hear). But zombie costumes are pretty hard to come by for fish. It’s near impossible to find waterproof Halloween outfits too. So we thought it would be pretty awesome to create a list dedicated to zombie ornaments that you could fill your fish tank with, and hopefully freak people out with too (not fish, that’s animal cruelty). If you’re planning on using the following decorations to scare your fishy friend, then go away! You’re not welcome on our site! Ahem. Glad I made myself clear there. Anyway, let’s get started with this spooky selection (including a few for The Walking Dead fans!):

Zombie Walking Ornament



Why does this zombie look frightened? I don’t actually know. Maybe it’s because he knows that he is about to be submerged underwater for the rest of his life, and zombies can’t breathe underwater. Or at least, not as far as I am aware of. I’m getting distracted again. Seriously, I love this ornament. It looks great, it’s very well detailed, and is great value for money. Plus, it will look awesome in your fish tank during Halloween, without being too freaky. And of course, this ornament is totally safe for use around fish (in fact, it’s what it was intended for!). To find out more about this item, and to see pricing, click on the green button above to be taken to Amazon.

Dead Fish



Although freaking your fish out for Halloween might be the last thing on your mind, if you’re feeling cruel, this is the ultimate way to do it. Picture the scene; your fish wakes up, fresh from a dream about coral or something, and comes face to face with this monstrosity. It would be a glorious trick or treat. And the folks over on Amazon seem to agree with us. This item has a ton of love in the reviews section, with people commenting on how well made it is and how detailed it is. Which is pretty nice of them. If you want to read some of those lovely reviews, be sure to press the green button above this paragraph.

Dead Hand Grave



What is it about this ornament that we love? Maybe it’s the unknown element. Whose hands are those? We’d rather not know to be honest. But I’m sure your fish will enjoy these green hands as company. One of the coolest features of this item is that the hands actually glow in the dark as well. Which is a really great extra, and makes this the perfect item for celebrating Halloween with. If you wanna check out this decoration a bit closer, be sure to click on the green button above.

Skull Ornament



Anybody who visits FishTankBank regularly will already know that we kind of have a soft spot for skulls on this site. In fact, we freakin’ love them. So when we stumbled across this cool decoration with a zombie skull at the top, we knew it would be perfect for this list. Not only does the item look great, with every skull being very well detailed, but it also has a cool feature in that it glows in the dark, making it even better for Halloween. Even if you just like having freaky stuff in your tank, this is perfect. Plus, it’s made from a special resin that makes it totally suitable for underwater use. To get more details on this decoration, click the green button.

The Walking Dead Characters

If you’re wanting to put characters from The Walking Dead in your fish tank then you’re going to have to get creative – the figurine that I’ve include above (and similar figurines from Eaglemoss) should be safe. They’re made with materials that should be safe (according to Amazon) but you’ll want to do your own checks here. Hopefully someone will release official Walking Dead fish tank decorations soon…


So there we have our list of fish tank decorations celebrating the wonderful world of zombies. We hope that you have found something here that will help you freak people out all year round, whether they are fish or human. All of the items above have been added to this list because we genuinely think they are awesome, and they fit the bill in terms of what we usually look for. In case you don’t already know, we only add items that are high quality, great value for money and just look really cool too. Feel free to check out some of the other items we have here on FishTankBank!

Themed Aquarium Decorations

Sometimes people want more than just pretty decorations for their aquarium, sometimes they want to create a theme in their home. This trend is becoming increasingly popular as people start seeing fish tanks as not just a place to hold your pet fish in, but also as a piece of furniture that can become the centrepiece of a room and an attraction in itself. It’s the least your fishy friends deserve. Obviously there are a ton of different themes and styles that a fish tank could have, so we have picked some of the best that we could find and what we think would compliment any room. Although I’m not exactly the most stylish guy on the internet (I only recently discovered that my trousers are not supposed to be tucked into my socks) I think I have done a pretty good job at picking some cool themes. If you don’t agree, please send me an angry email. Let’s get on with the list!


Spongebob Theme



It might seem pretty obvious to start with the most famous sponge in the whole world, but Spongebob is such a popular choice of decoration and is so popular on FishTankBank that we just had to include the happy fella in this list. There are a few ways that you could create a Spongebob style aquarium for your fish, but the way we would start is by adding Spongebob’s house, the Krusty Krab restaurant and maybe even grump Squidward’s home that looks like the Easter Island statues . Then just add a few characters and BAM you have your own little mini Bikini Bottom! We have added a few of the items you might need to start building this mini city, just click on the images to check the item out over on Amazon. This set has every item you could possibly need to build Bikini Bottom, and has a ton of positive reviews over on Amazon, so click the button to check it out now!

Bamboo Forest



This chilled out theme is a long way from the hectic cartoon world of Bikini Bottom, but could be an awesome idea if you like to have a relaxing environment for you and your fish. Plus, the bamboo and leaves give your fish the opportunity to have lots of hiding places and areas to get cover, which is similar to what they would have in their natural environment. This bamboo forest style can be easily achieved with just a few simple items, all of which can be found on our post dedicated to Asian style decorations. Embrace the chill!

Pirate Theme



Pirates are a classic way to decorate your fish tank, and can create a really cool feel to your aquarium. There are a ton of different items that you could add into the fish tank to create a pirate world for your fish, but you want to avoid cramming too many objects in there. Although fish do enjoy having cover and the chance to hide away from sight occasionally, they also need plenty of space and room to breathe. With this in mind, we have selected a few quality items  that we think any pirate themed tank should totally include to create a cool pirate effect. Click on the image or button above to check them out!

So there we have some awesome decorations that you can use to create a unique theme for your aquarium. Having it’s own style will not only make it more attractive, it will also help your fish feel more at home. We think that filling your tank full of items can be a great way to create a natural environment for your fish, even if it is just Spongebob characters!

Themed aquarium decorations are a really great way to make your tank fit into the decoration of a room that you have spent ages designing. It was the only way my wife would let me include my tank in our living room! She had spent ages selecting the perfect colour scheme for the room, and then I just barged in and stuck my big blue tank in the corner of the room. Although bewildered (I have no sense of fashion or design) I felt my wife’s pain. So I bought a whole load of black and white decorations for the tank, and created a theme that I was really proud of!

We have selected all of the items above based on their overall quality, their average customer ratings and their value for money. We hope you agree that all of the above items fit this criteria, and we hope you get plenty of enjoyment from them. Feel free to explore other items that we have here on FishTankBank!


Pirate Fish Tank Decorations

Arr! Didn’t mean to scare you, sorry about that. Here are the pirate decorations that we highly recommend!





This massive sunken ship would ideally be the centrepiece of your themed tank, and we think it is absolutely awesome. Not only is it extremely well detailed and well made, it also has holes for your fish to swim through and explore. There are loads of 5 star reviews over on Amazon so click on the button above to check them out.


Pirate Skull Ornament




This is a great little ornament that can be used for your pirate display.

Japanese Fish Tank Decorations

Japan has always been a country associated with design, atmosphere and tranquility. The abundance of these elements in the country only serves to highlight the lack of said elements in ours. But as is the case with many Westerners, I am a great admirer of all things Japanese, from the food to the architecture, and try to incorporate these aspects of the lifestyle into my own life. This obsession with the country has led me to create a list of fish tank decorations that reflect the Japanese culture, whether it be through the design or function of the item. But one thing that all of the items have in common is that they provide a taste of the culture of this great country, and hopefully can bring some tranquility to your own life, and to the life of your fish! So without further ado, let me introduce the list!

Japanese Ceramic Ornaments

fish jap41DCz8nEPhL



These beautiful ceramic ornaments are an excellent example of Japanese design that you can use to decorate your own fish tank. As you can see from the image above, the ornaments aren’t too huge, so won’t be too imposing or take up too much of your fish’s space. We love this item because it is made from material that won’t harm or upset your fish, and will be safe from algae or mould in freshwater or saltwater. We think you guys will love this item, so to check it out click on the green button above. This item has free shipping which is just another perk that makes it really awesome.




How often have you dreamed of having your own little place where you could get away and just forget the world for a bit? Well now you can embrace the Japanese way of life and get this cool gazebo for your fish tank! We love this item because of the great detail and reasonable size that make it a perfect addition to any tank. You know what we think of it, but there are also a ton of other people over on Amazon who dig this little gazebo as much as we do. Click on the green button above to check the positive reviews out!

Bonsai Tree



Growing miniature trees like the bonsai tree has been a Japanese tradition for thousands of years. Now you can add these little guys to your fish’s tank, and turn them into a bonsai buff. We love this item which has always been a popular item on our site, because it can add some much needed foliage to your tank, which can add extra hiding places and coverage for your fishy friend. This is another item that has a load of positive reviews over on Amazon, so click on the green button above to check them all out!


So there we have our list of decorations inspired by the culture and design of Japan! As you can probably tell, I have a genuine passion and interest for this country and the Oriental lifestyle, and I hope that is reflected in my choices of items that I added to the list shown above. As always, we choose the items that we add to our site based on the overall quality of the item, the value for money of the item and the average customer rating of the item (choosing highly rated items). We hope that the products shown above tick all of these boxes for you!

We like to remind you that if you encounter any problems with your order, you should try to contact the seller directly over on Amazon. Their details can be found by clicking the green button below the item that you wish to return. If you struggle to find their details, you can drop us an email directly and we will try our best to get a hold of them. We use Amazon because they are a trusted brand, and you can be safe in the knowledge that your item is being handled by a professional and trustworthy team.

FishTankBank is happy to be associated with the products above, and always welcomes your emails. Feel free to browse the rest of our site to see if you find anything else you fancy!


Oriental Fish Tank Ornaments

If you have browsed FishTankBank for any amount of time, you may realise that we have a penchant for Asian culture. The chilled out atmosphere that this part of the world exudes leaves us feeling like we need to escape our current environment. Moreover, we love getting oriental ornaments for our fish tank, to try and bring some of this relaxing atmosphere to our fish.
Asian Gazebo



This gazebo just screams oriental culture, and is a very well made little ornament that will look right at home in your fish tank. It’s only a few inches tall, so won’t take up too much room in your fish tank, but still provides a nice little piece of decoration that your fish will love. We certainly think it’s great, and is great value for money too. Also, it has a ton of positive reviews over on Amazon, so go check them out by clicking the green button above!

Bonsai Tree



Anybody who has ever tried to grow a bonsai tree knows what a great addition they can be to any house, which is exactly why we love this fish tank bonsai tree. As decoration, they can give an authentic oriental feel to any aquarium. They also provide hiding places and coverage for your fish, which they will absolutely love as it resembles their natural habitat. It’s about 8 inches tall, so would act as good decoration around the borders of the tank. It’s another item that has lots of positive reviews over on Amazon so click the green button to check some of them out!

Buddha Statue



This statue is a great addition to any fish tanks that just need to chill out a bit. The life of a fish can sometimes be a bit hyperactive, so Buddha is the perfect dude to bring things down a notch, and spread some relaxing vibes. We love this statue because it has a bronze effect that looks great and very real. It’s also the perfect size for a smaller fish tank, so won’t intrude on your fish’s space. Plus, it can actually provide a new point of interest and a hiding place for your fish, which is always fun. As with all of the products on this list, it has a great average customer rating over on Amazon, so be sure to click the green button above and check out some of the reviews.

Bamboo Shoots



Besides noodles and Buddha, bamboo shoots are one of the first things that pop into my head when I think about Oriental culture. They are synonymous with the food and nature of Asia, and have always been incorporated into their daily lives, whether it be for eating or for decoration. Adding these bamboo shoots yo your fish tank can be a great way to add an oriental feel without being too flashy! Fish will enjoy their natural appearance, and will get hours of fun from swimming around and hiding in between the shoots. The company that made these shoots also has a ton of other ornaments over on Amazon, which you can find by clicking the green button above. This will also show you the positive reviews that the product has.


So there we have some great oriental ornaments that can spread some cool vibes around your fish tank and hopefully help your fish chill out a bit. All of the ornaments that we have included in this list are selected based on their overall quality, average customer rating and value for money, so we hope that they tick all of these boxes for you. All of the items above are handled and dispatched through Amazon, so you can be safe in the knowledge that your delivery will get to you safely and efficiently.

‘Oriental’ generally means anything belonging to the East, which can include Asia and the Middle East, in relation to the location of Europe. We have chosen items which are usually associated with Asia, because we found that the best decorations on offer where generally related to Asian themes, such as bamboo and Buddha. These items were chosen due to their high quality, which is based on their appearance and durability, as well as their value for money. Perhaps the most important factor when choosing items for FishTankBank is the customer reviews, as these are real people with real opinions.

Feel free to take a look at some of the other products that we have on FishTankBank.

Pink Fish Tank Ornaments

My mother used to say that it’s good to stay in touch with your feminine side, which is something I sometimes forget. After all, there’s nothing I like better than drinking a bucket of beer followed by some meat on the bone. I tend to forget the importance of enjoying a bubble bath or a pedicure now and again. So this is exactly why I have decided to create this list of pink fish tank ornaments, to get in touch with my feminine side. Plus, I think I kinda suit pink. Here is the list:

Fluorescent Octopus




Look at this cheeky chap! This item is also available in brown and yellow, but that is not the point of this post….we’re all about pink today. This octopus is made from a non toxic, fish friendly material which naturally glows, which is pretty cool. Not only can this ornament brighten up your fish tank, it can also provide a new friend for your fish without being too imposing. Click the button above to check this item out!

Floating Seahorse



This floating seahorse has been a bestseller on our site, and we know exactly why. Not only does it look great, but they will provide your fish with a new point of curiosity, and something new to explore. The ornament is fitted with a small weight, and has a movable tail, which gives it realistic movement so your fish will think it is a real seahorse. It is also made from completely fish friendly, non toxic materials so will be a perfect companion for your fishy friend. Click on the green button above to check out some more information about this great product!

Floating Lotus Flower



We love this floating lotus flower because it looks great in a fish tank and is fairly unique in it’s design and construction. Not only is it very well detailed and visually pleasing, but it is also made with a special foam which makes it very light and able to float on the surface of the water. The reason that fish love this decoration is that plants do tend to sit on top of water, and fish are used to using the cover of the plant life to hide and get cover. So by having a few of these in your tank, you will be helping to create a natural environment for your pet. Plus, they’re pink, and that’s cool!

Clam Bubbler



This bubbler is a great little ornament that can not only look really cool in your tank, but it can also serve a very useful purpose. Having a gadget that produces bubbles in your fish tank can help keep the oxygen flowing, and help keep the tank clean. Plus, it will keep your fish entertained for hours! This item is currently half price over on Amazon so click the green button above to check this offer out!

So there we have some awesome pink ornaments for fish tanks that you can get today. As always, we choose these products based on their quality, customer rating and value for money. Remember, pink can be badass too!


Colorful Fish Tank Decorations

The world can be a pretty dull place right? Everywhere we look we see dull colors, black and white and grey. Yuck. What we need in the world is more color, that would solve anything. But if you think us humans have a rough time, imagine what it is like for our poor fish! The sea is so colorful, and your fish has been plucked out of this world and stuck in a fish tank, many of which are very dull. This is exactly why we have taken the time create a list of some great mulitcolored decorations that you can add to your fish tank to brighten up your fish’s life! So here we are:

Remote Controlled LED lights



This is possibly the most high tech product we have on this site! Not only does it turn your fish tank into a bright and vibrant environment, but it does it all at the click of a button! The remote works from a few metres away, and is a much better option than sticking your hand in the water and switching it on yourself. We love this item because it has various settings that you can interchange between, including strobe, flash and static lights. Another great aspect of the lights is that they are quick and easy to set up and install, so you won’t be disturbing your fish’s peace and tranquility! This item is currently sitting with a 5 star Amazon review so click the button above to get it!

Aquarium Plants



This might seem a little less high tech than our previous post but it is still a hugely popular item that is currently sitting with a 4 and a half star rating from over 250 reviews! These plants are made from a special material that makes them both long lasting and non toxic to fish. These plants can sway in the water and are easy to install, just use some gravel or stones to hold them down. There are two options here, you can get the decorations shown above or choose a 12 inch plant, so there’s something for everyone.

Color Bubbler Curtain



This decoration is just so badass that we thought we would show you 4 different pictures of it in action! Essentially, it’s a bubbler that lights up, creating a cool ‘curtain’ effect with the color. As you can see from the photos above, the lights feature 4 different shades, blue, green, purple/pink and red/orange, which all look really cool (although I think the blue one is my fav!) The great thing about the bubbles is that not only do they create a cool effect, they also help keep the oxygen moving in the fish tank, and help keep the tank clean and ensure the health of your fish. This product has a five star rating over on Amazon and there are lots of good reviews so click the button above to check them out.

So there we have some awesome colorful decorations that will look really cool in your fish tank. Every item is handled and dispatched by Amazon so you can be sure that your delivery will be handled professionally and with care.