Colorful Fish Tank Decorations

The world can be a pretty dull place right? Everywhere we look we see dull colors, black and white and grey. Yuck. What we need in the world is more color, that would solve anything. But if you think us humans have a rough time, imagine what it is like for our poor fish! The sea is so colorful, and your fish has been plucked out of this world and stuck in a fish tank, many of which are very dull. This is exactly why we have taken the time create a list of some great mulitcolored decorations that you can add to your fish tank to brighten up your fish’s life! So here we are:

Remote Controlled LED lights



This is possibly the most high tech product we have on this site! Not only does it turn your fish tank into a bright and vibrant environment, but it does it all at the click of a button! The remote works from a few metres away, and is a much better option than sticking your hand in the water and switching it on yourself. We love this item because it has various settings that you can interchange between, including strobe, flash and static lights. Another great aspect of the lights is that they are quick and easy to set up and install, so you won’t be disturbing your fish’s peace and tranquility! This item is currently sitting with a 5 star Amazon review so click the button above to get it!

Aquarium Plants



This might seem a little less high tech than our previous post but it is still a hugely popular item that is currently sitting with a 4 and a half star rating from over 250 reviews! These plants are made from a special material that makes them both long lasting and non toxic to fish. These plants can sway in the water and are easy to install, just use some gravel or stones to hold them down. There are two options here, you can get the decorations shown above or choose a 12 inch plant, so there’s something for everyone.

Color Bubbler Curtain



This decoration is just so badass that we thought we would show you 4 different pictures of it in action! Essentially, it’s a bubbler that lights up, creating a cool ‘curtain’ effect with the color. As you can see from the photos above, the lights feature 4 different shades, blue, green, purple/pink and red/orange, which all look really cool (although I think the blue one is my fav!) The great thing about the bubbles is that not only do they create a cool effect, they also help keep the oxygen moving in the fish tank, and help keep the tank clean and ensure the health of your fish. This product has a five star rating over on Amazon and there are lots of good reviews so click the button above to check them out.

So there we have some awesome colorful decorations that will look really cool in your fish tank. Every item is handled and dispatched by Amazon so you can be sure that your delivery will be handled professionally and with care.