Cool Fish Bowls (Creative & Unique Designs)

Fish bowls can be pretty boring places sometimes, which is exactly why we have collected some of the coolest and badass ones that the internet has to offer, and have posted them on this page. For many people, decorating the inside of their fish tank is the main priority, and they often overlook the potential of making it look cool from the outside. By choosing the best looking fish bowls, made with the most creative and unique designs, you can turn it into a real centrepiece that people will appreciate. Of course, we are only choosing bowls that are safe, and we aren’t prioritising style over safety. So, without further ado, here is our definitive guide to the most badass fish bowls currently available!

Stackable Hotel



Why would my fish need a hotel? In case his friends or family decide to visit him of course! This hotel style bowl is a seriously awesome place to keep fish, but it has more than one benefit rather than just looking nice. The layout and style is not divided into separate compartments, but the effect on the glass gives your fish more hiding places and cover, as they would have in their natural environment. This item has an average score of 4 stars over on Amazon from over 100 reviews, making it a very well received item. One of the reviews states that it is far larger than it seems from the pictures, and their fish seemed very happy in it. Another great detail about this hotel style bowl is that you can actually stack a few on top of each other, making it look even more like a hotel! This is completely safe for your fish as there is space between each level, so the level on the bottom will have sufficient oxygen. To find out more information about the dimensions for this product, and to read more positive reviews, click the green button above.

Aluminium Wall Bowl



This is another bowl that has gotten a ton of love over on Amazon, with some really positive reviewers saying how great they think it is. One of the reviews that I read said that it has lasted them several years and they have used it for several different fish, all of which have seemed very happy to be in there. Another stated that it helped keep the fish safe from the cat, as you can mount it on the wall! Both reviews are good reasons to get the bowl, but we think that the combination of safety and style is the real reason that this item is so cool. It looks great, it’s safe and sturdy and it’s well priced. If you want to find out about the dimensions, or if you want to read some more reviews, click the green button above.

Fish Tower



Although this is not really a bowl, it was just way too badass not to include in this list. Standing at a massive 80 inches, this cool tower can hold loads of fish, and provide a great piece for your room. It it designed to take up minimal floor space, whilst still having more than enough room to give your fish plenty of space and keep them happy. The tower comes complete with a built in filtration system, as well as really nice lighting, decorative plants and a pump. Makes the price tag seem a bit more bearable! The base is made from acrylic, making it stronger and more durable than most bowls. If you want find out more about this item, or fancy reading some of the reviews, click on the green button above. This item currently has about $200 knocked off the original price!

Biorb Life



This sleek and stylish fish bowl has a very cool design that we absolutely love. It comes with a built in air pump and LED lighting, which adds to the overall futuristic feel of the item. It is another product with a lot of positive reviews over on Amazon, so click on the green button above to read some of them.

Desktop Tank



This is perhaps our favourite ‘bowl’ on the list, simply because it has so many features and is very well made. We are not the only ones who think it’s cool as this item is currently sitting with an average score of 4 and a half stars over on Amazon from over 100 reviews. The item includes a filter which is integrated into the back of the tank, with a sleek and discreet design. For more information on this item, such as dimensions and reviews, click on the green button above.

So there we have some of the coolest bowls that the internet has to offer. Your fish will be happy in all of the items shown above, plus they will be safe and healthy. It’s great when you can kill 2 birds with 1 stone, which is why we have chosen the products based on their attractiveness and their usefulness. We also take note of the average customer ratings on amazon, to make sure that there are lots of satisfied customers. Feel free to explore the rest of FishTankBank.