Fish Tank Bubbler

Crocodile Bubbler

Looking for a large centrepiece for your tank that is guaranteed to get people talking? Well look no further than this awesome crocodile bubbler. It is a large ornament, but if you have the space to accommodate it, I can’t recommend it enough. The ornament fires bubbles from 4 different holes along the back of the crocodile, each with a gentle stream that won’t harm or disturb your fish. In fact, your fish will get loads of fun and enjoyment from the crocodile as it swims around the bubbles and gets air from them.

Fish Tank Bubbler


Having a bubbler in your tank is actually an extremely simple and effective way to ensure that your fish tank stays clean and smells good. Everybody knows that tanks can become stinky and full of mess, and it can often be a pain in the ass to clean them up. Well if you have a decent bubbler, this can help keep your tank clean and keep your fish happy. This crocodile bubbler has 4 separate streams of bubbles coming out of it, so every inch of the tank will be kept clean.

The crocodile is made with fish friendly resin and is easily cleaned and maintained. If you are still unsure and want more info about this product, click here to read some recent reviews and comments.