Fish Tank Ornament Spongebob Figure

Here is another Spongebob figure suitable for putting inside your fish tank (not your fish tank obviously, your fish’s fish tank) that is guaranteed to please all of the Spongebob fans in your life (I’m sure there are lots of them).

This adorable fish tank decoration is made from non-toxic, fish-safe materials and colours, meaning it’s a perfect fish tank ornament to add to your collection. Although he is not my favourite character, he is still pretty awesome. 


Add some fun and decoration to your fish tank today! If you think Spongebob needs a house, click here

Unusual fish tank ornaments are what we are all about here at Fish Tank Bank, and this Spongebob figure certainly fits the bill. Not many people can boast to have the most famous resident of Bikini Bottom living alongside their fish! This small fish tank ornament is the perfect size for any fish tank, and won’t intrude on your fish’s space. There are loads of people who agree with me that this figure is a great addition to any fish tank, and there are loads of positive reviews from customers who loved this unusual fish tank ornament. To see some of these awesome product reviews and comments, click here.