Spongebob Fish Tank Decorations & Ornaments

For all you Spongebob fans out there, check this awesome collection on fish tank ornaments out. What I’m gonna do is write a little bit about each character that you get with this set. Here we go.




Sandy Cheeks-

A tough, no messing squirrel who lives in a dome underwater. And wears a spacesuit when going around Bikini Bottom. She also loves karate.


Mr Krabs-

Money loving owner of The Krusty Krab who does anything for a cent.



Friendly and slightly annoying fry cook who is great at his job


Patrick Star-

Spongebob’s best friend who is a loveable idiot.


Gary the Snail-

Spongebob’s pet snail who miaows like a cat



Spongebob’s grumpy next door neighbour who sucks at clarinet.


There we have it. Not sure why I did that really. I just love Spongebob. A lot.