Pink Fish Tank Ornaments

My mother used to say that it’s good to stay in touch with your feminine side, which is something I sometimes forget. After all, there’s nothing I like better than drinking a bucket of beer followed by some meat on the bone. I tend to forget the importance of enjoying a bubble bath or a pedicure now and again. So this is exactly why I have decided to create this list of pink fish tank ornaments, to get in touch with my feminine side. Plus, I think I kinda suit pink. Here is the list:

Fluorescent Octopus




Look at this cheeky chap! This item is also available in brown and yellow, but that is not the point of this post….we’re all about pink today. This octopus is made from a non toxic, fish friendly material which naturally glows, which is pretty cool. Not only can this ornament brighten up your fish tank, it can also provide a new friend for your fish without being too imposing. Click the button above to check this item out!

Floating Seahorse



This floating seahorse has been a bestseller on our site, and we know exactly why. Not only does it look great, but they will provide your fish with a new point of curiosity, and something new to explore. The ornament is fitted with a small weight, and has a movable tail, which gives it realistic movement so your fish will think it is a real seahorse. It is also made from completely fish friendly, non toxic materials so will be a perfect companion for your fishy friend. Click on the green button above to check out some more information about this great product!

Floating Lotus Flower



We love this floating lotus flower because it looks great in a fish tank and is fairly unique in it’s design and construction. Not only is it very well detailed and visually pleasing, but it is also made with a special foam which makes it very light and able to float on the surface of the water. The reason that fish love this decoration is that plants do tend to sit on top of water, and fish are used to using the cover of the plant life to hide and get cover. So by having a few of these in your tank, you will be helping to create a natural environment for your pet. Plus, they’re pink, and that’s cool!

Clam Bubbler



This bubbler is a great little ornament that can not only look really cool in your tank, but it can also serve a very useful purpose. Having a gadget that produces bubbles in your fish tank can help keep the oxygen flowing, and help keep the tank clean. Plus, it will keep your fish entertained for hours! This item is currently half price over on Amazon so click the green button above to check this offer out!

So there we have some awesome pink ornaments for fish tanks that you can get today. As always, we choose these products based on their quality, customer rating and value for money. Remember, pink can be badass too!