Python Water Changer (An Honest Review)

Until you discover the Python Water Changer, people are usually changing aquarium water every week the same old fashioned way everyone else does – with a bucket and a siphon.  This long, frustrating process is perhaps the biggest annoyance to having a nice, large aquarium because of the sheer amount of time and work that is required

But now with a Python Water Change System, people are able to do the job in around thirty minutes without dealing with most of the mess everyone usually has to deal with.  The Python Water Change System makes the entire process a much simpler one than the old way, utilizing a simple mechanism to both clean and refill the tank easily and quickly. 


image of python water changer

Lance Reyniers created the No Spill, Clean and Fill System that is the Python Water Change System and possibly changed the level of convenience for aquarium cleaning around 30 years ago.  Based in Milwaukee, Python Products sells around the world and is available on the Petco website and of course Amazon. They arrive with no assembly required and able to connect to most faucets straight out of the box.  Affordable and able to arrive at your house in the span of a few days, Lance’s product is the king of convenience in aquarium cleaning.

How to use the Python Water Changer

The simple device works by attaching the T-Pump to the faucet and then turning on the water to create the suction necessary to pull the water up the apparatus.  Then you simply drag the gravel tube through the bottom of the tank to clean out the bottom dirt in the tank and then once the water level is low enough, swap out the gravel tube for the small water hook that is easily purchased separately.  Then reverse the flow of the water on the T Pump and suddenly the same device that was draining the water is now refilling the tank. Finishing what was once a complicated and manually intense process in a simple, timely manner. Eliminating what was once a long and physical draining process.  Prior to having the Python Water Change System, you have to physical scoop water out of the tank and then scoop out the gravel from the tank, clean it, put it back and then slowly pour new water into the tank.

While the water change system doesn’t work with all faucets and you can’t disconnect it from the sink during the draining but beyond those minor inconveniences the system is compact, easy to store, easy to set up and even easier to use.  While there are a few extra pieces that buying does make the process even easier, if you decide not to, it’s still an easy process to change the water. Much easier than the old method of manually draining the tank and hand cleaning the rocks.


What extras come with the Python Water Changer?

When the Python Water Change System arrives at your house, it comes equipped with almost fifty feet of hose to give you some range as to how close the aquarium in question has to be to the faucet in question.  The durable, clear plastic Gravel Tube that comes with the unit is one of the smaller ones, so buying one of the larger ones is probably a great idea to increase the ease with which a tank is cleaned although the size of the tank will ultimately determine the minimum length you need.  It also comes with a Faucet Adapter that fits to most sinks, but be aware it doesn’t connect to all faucets as there are some that it just won’t fit, so on this point a little bit of research is required. There’s a faucet pump in the box, which is designed to allow you to change the direction of the water with a simple flick of the switch, making it an ease to move the water in and out of the aquarium.  In addition to the pump there’s a switch that attaches to the Gravel Tube that allows it to alternate between draining the tank and filling it. The one piece that isn’t included that greatly increases the ease of the cleaning and swapping of the water is The Hook System which is sold separately. If you purchase the hook system and the larger gravel tube, the Python Water Change System becomes the time saving, convenient and easy way to clean aquariums, large and small.

So, do we recommend the Python Water Changer?

Absolutely! Overall, the ease and convenience that comes with such a simple method of changing and cleaning an aquarium that comes in the Python Water Change System makes it an amazing value.  Saving both time and physical labor only adds to the overall value. Rather than lugging heavy buckets of water into and out of the house and then having to hand clean the gravel on the bottom, you simply install the T Pump to the faucet and run the hose to the aquarium and from there it gets even easier with The Hook System.  After cleaning the tank with the Gravel Tube and draining the water to the desired level, you simply swap the tube out for the Hook, leave the Hook on the side of the tank and reverse the flow of the water and wait.  


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