We have a 90-day aquarium warranty against leakage, seam integrity, product quality and craftsmanship from the date of delivery. Extended warranty options are available up to a lifetime warranty. See the extended warranty options below.

Warranty Conditions:

  • Standard and Extended Warranty offered to the original purchaser only and is non-transferable.
  • Aquarium must be installed on a level surface. Purchasers may use different manufacturers’ stand or privately constructed stand. All that is required to maintain warranty is proof of aquarium bottom supported by level surface and stand structurally sound. Proof in the form of pictures and or videos must be submitted within 90-days of aquarium delivery.
  • Aquarium grade mat or ¾” thick Styrofoam must be used or warranty is voided.
  • Filling Aquarium prior to aquariums fill date will void the warranty.
  • Modifications, neglect, abuse, improper aquarium maintenance and improper installations will void the warranty.
  • Warranty is limited to aquarium only and does not include, bulkheads, lids, hinges and overflow cover(s), aquatic life loss, personal injury, property loss indirect or direct, incidental or consequential damage arising out of the use of aquarium.
  • Proof of purchase is required to honor the aquarium warranty
  • Warranty does not include replacement shipping charges

Upon aquarium failure, pictures are required (video if possible) taken immediately of tank and failure points prior to moving aquarium or area clean-up.

An extended warranty is available at the purchasers’ discretion. All above stated warranty conditions apply to all extended warranty options. Additional year(s) of aquarium warranty may be purchased at the rate of 10% of the aquarium’s fee (excluding bulkheads, overflow cover(s) and lids price(s)) per additional year of warranty desired. See the table below.

Extended Year(s) Percent of Aquarium Price

  • 1 Year 10%
  • 2 Years 20%
  • 3 Years 30%
  • 4 Years 40%
  • 5 Years 50%
  • 6 Years 60%
  • 7 Years 70%
  • 8 Years 80%
  • 9 Years 90%
  • Lifetime 100%