Zombie Fish Tank Decorations

It’s getting closer to Halloween every day, and we are getting into the spooky spirit. We’ve got it on good authority that fish love Halloween too. One of their favourite things to dress up as for the October holiday is a zombie (or so we hear). But zombie costumes are pretty hard to come by for fish. It’s near impossible to find waterproof Halloween outfits too. So we thought it would be pretty awesome to create a list dedicated to zombie ornaments that you could fill your fish tank with, and hopefully freak people out with too (not fish, that’s animal cruelty). If you’re planning on using the following decorations to scare your fishy friend, then go away! You’re not welcome on our site! Ahem. Glad I made myself clear there. Anyway, let’s get started with this spooky selection (including a few for The Walking Dead fans!):

Zombie Walking Ornament



Why does this zombie look frightened? I don’t actually know. Maybe it’s because he knows that he is about to be submerged underwater for the rest of his life, and zombies can’t breathe underwater. Or at least, not as far as I am aware of. I’m getting distracted again. Seriously, I love this ornament. It looks great, it’s very well detailed, and is great value for money. Plus, it will look awesome in your fish tank during Halloween, without being too freaky. And of course, this ornament is totally safe for use around fish (in fact, it’s what it was intended for!). To find out more about this item, and to see pricing, click on the green button above to be taken to Amazon.

Dead Fish



Although freaking your fish out for Halloween might be the last thing on your mind, if you’re feeling cruel, this is the ultimate way to do it. Picture the scene; your fish wakes up, fresh from a dream about coral or something, and comes face to face with this monstrosity. It would be a glorious trick or treat. And the folks over on Amazon seem to agree with us. This item has a ton of love in the reviews section, with people commenting on how well made it is and how detailed it is. Which is pretty nice of them. If you want to read some of those lovely reviews, be sure to press the green button above this paragraph.

Dead Hand Grave



What is it about this ornament that we love? Maybe it’s the unknown element. Whose hands are those? We’d rather not know to be honest. But I’m sure your fish will enjoy these green hands as company. One of the coolest features of this item is that the hands actually glow in the dark as well. Which is a really great extra, and makes this the perfect item for celebrating Halloween with. If you wanna check out this decoration a bit closer, be sure to click on the green button above.

Skull Ornament



Anybody who visits FishTankBank regularly will already know that we kind of have a soft spot for skulls on this site. In fact, we freakin’ love them. So when we stumbled across this cool decoration with a zombie skull at the top, we knew it would be perfect for this list. Not only does the item look great, with every skull being very well detailed, but it also has a cool feature in that it glows in the dark, making it even better for Halloween. Even if you just like having freaky stuff in your tank, this is perfect. Plus, it’s made from a special resin that makes it totally suitable for underwater use. To get more details on this decoration, click the green button.

The Walking Dead Characters

If you’re wanting to put characters from The Walking Dead in your fish tank then you’re going to have to get creative – the figurine that I’ve include above (and similar figurines from Eaglemoss) should be safe. They’re made with materials that should be safe (according to Amazon) but you’ll want to do your own checks here. Hopefully someone will release official Walking Dead fish tank decorations soon…


So there we have our list of fish tank decorations celebrating the wonderful world of zombies. We hope that you have found something here that will help you freak people out all year round, whether they are fish or human. All of the items above have been added to this list because we genuinely think they are awesome, and they fit the bill in terms of what we usually look for. In case you don’t already know, we only add items that are high quality, great value for money and just look really cool too. Feel free to check out some of the other items we have here on FishTankBank!