Our workshop team can build any size and style of custom aquarium you want. We’re extremely competitively priced and can ship across the USA at great rates. If you’re interested, please feel free to drop us a message on our contact page.

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Welcome to FishTankBank, the home of custom fish tanks.

If you’ve not realized yet from looking around our website, we love building large custom fish tanks (and we are pretty good at it). They’re spacious and stylish. If you’re needing a large custom aquarium, visit our page for 300 gallon fish tanks & aquariums.  We also have a 150 gallon or 100 gallon selection.

For more information about our custom fish tanks, please see below.

Rimless Custom Aquariums

We are specialists in rimless custom fish tanks, available in a variety of sizes. Below are some examples of our work:






Trim for Custom Aquariums

We can also produce unique trim for custom fish tanks, in the colors of black or white. We believe we are one of the only custom aquarium builders in the USA to provide this service. Below are some examples:





Our selection of smaller fish tanks is perfect for any fish keeper with a smaller species of fish, like a Betta. The smaller tanks, like the 1 gallon and the 3 gallon fish tanks, should only be used to keep very small fish and ideally only a few at most. Small fish need plenty of space too, and if they don't get this then they could become stressed and develop health issues. You'll also want to ensure that you keep space in your tank for things like driftwood and creepy skull decor, and even silk aquarium plants, which can make your fish feel more comfortable and will give them extra places to hide! These fish tanks are between 1 gallon and 10 gallons in size, so you should only be considering one of these if you're keeping a small amount of small fish, like a Betta (although a 5 gallon tank would be just as good for them).

Most visitors to our site are looking for aquariums that you'd describe as being 'medium sized' - that is, somewhere between small and large, usually starting from around 10 gallons in size. These tend to suit fish keepers who don't keep a huge amount of fish, but who want to ensure that the fish they do keep have enough room to be healthy and happy. We've included a few tanks from our corner selection, as they tend to suit keepers who want space for their fish, but don't want a tank that will take up too much room in their home. Some of our wall mounted selection might also be classed as 'medium sized' but rather than including them here we created a separate page. These fish tanks are between 10-30 gallons in size, and will generally suit most keepers.