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Custom aquariums and more.

We're FishTankBank. We do custom aquariums and we're pretty awesome at building them. If you've been dreaming about your ideal aquarium for a while then you're in the right place.

large custom aquarium

Large Aquariums

Interested in an aquarium larger than 100 gallons in size? You're in the right place. Our team can build big aquariums and include anything you need.


Small Aquariums

Need something a little more manageable? Our team can also build smaller fish tanks that are ideal for the home.



Get a quote

Already know what you want? Great, our team is ready to provide you with a free no-hassle quote. We just need a little bit of information then we can give you an accurate price for your dream aquarium.

Interested in smaller aquariums?

We don't sell many smaller aquariums directly, but we know a lot about them. So we decided to publish a series of guides to help you figure out the best smaller aquariums for your needs.

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Any other questions?

If you want to talk to us but it ain't about your dream custom aquarium, that's cool with us. Drop us a message below.