120-125 Gallon Fish Tanks & Aquariums (Kits & Stands)

Standard 120 Gallon Acrylic Aquarium

  • Free shipping to anywhere in the USA
  • 12 inches high x 48 inches long x 48 inches wide
  • Fully protected during transit with independent crate
  • 1/2″ thick acrylic on side/top/bottom
  • 1/2″ thick acrylic on front/back
  • Made with Plexiglass acrylic – the hardest acrylic on the market, which means less scratches
  • Adhesives used provide the strongest bond possible to ensure longevity

Perfecto Aquarium

We actually took this image from one of the user reviews, as it’s a much better image than the one that the seller has used. Despite being very understated, this 120 gallon aquarium from Perfecto has been very well reviewed and is clearly a good choice. Here are the main features of this tank:

  • Made from glass
  • Black silicone lining
  • Dimensions – 48 inches x 24 inches x 24 inches
  • 4 and a half star rating

Aqueon 120 Gallon Aquarium & Stand

This is a gorgeous looking 120 gallon aquarium from Top Fin, complete with a stand. It’s been well received by buyers (as you’d imagine) and has an average rating of 4 stars. This tank is described as an ensemble, which is a fancy way of saying that it has everything you need to get started. Notable features of this aquarium include:

  • Made from glass
  • Fluorescent lighting system
  • Black stand
  • Dual cabinets for additional storage
  • Dimensions – 18 inches x 60 inches x 30 inches

Aqueon 125 Gallon Aquarium Ensemble

We decided to start with this 125 gallon aquarium ensemble because not only does it provide a great ‘all in one’ solution for anyone looking to get started immediately with their tank, it also looks great and has a load of positive reviews from clearly happy buyers (an average score of 4 stars). The black stand is included, making it easy for you to showcase your fish. Other notable features of this tank include – made from glass, 2 fluorescent light fixtures, hinged glass lid, 73 inches x 19 inches x 24 inches

Clear-For-Life Rectangular Fish Tank

Clear-For-Life regularly feature on our site, mainly because we think they’re such a great company and create great tanks. This 125 gallon aquarium is no exception – made with the highest quality acrylic, these fish tanks come with a limited lifetime warranty that protects against leakage, so you’ll get years of usage out of this product. The main features of this tank include – made from acrylic, suitable for freshwater and saltwater, available in Sapphire Blue color, rectangular shape, dimensions – 18 inches x 72 inches x 20 inches

Clear-For-Life Pentagon Aquarium

Pentagon fish tanks are regularly featured on FishTankBank (check out the similar tank on our 100 gallon page), and we really love this 125 gallon pentagon aquarium from Clear-For-Life for a few reasons. The shape of the tank provides a unique viewing experience, while also providing your fish with corners for them to hide in if they feel that they need privacy. The main features of this tank include – Made from the highest quality acrylic, limited lifetime warranty, suitable for freshwater and saltwater fish, dimensions – 36 inches x 36 inches x 30 inches

Clear-For-Life Uniquarium Fish Tank

For those of you who haven’t seen these products featured elsewhere on our site, a ‘Uniquarium’ is a fish tank that has built in filtration, making for incredibly easy set up. Clear-For-Life are specialists with Uniquariums, and this 125 gallon fish tank is a perfect example of how awesome these tanks are. Because it’s a Clear-For-Life product, you get limited lifetime warranty against leakage and free shipping. Similar ‘uniquarium’ tanks can be found on our 75 gallon and 90 gallon pages. Notable features of this tank include – made from acrylic, suitable for freshwater and saltwater, rectangular shape, dimensions – 60 inches x 18 inches x 24 inches

90 gallon

Perfecto 125 Gallon Aquarium

We have quite a few Perfecto fish tanks on our site, and this 125 Gallon version of their aquarium is a great example of what the company produces. It’s made from distortion free glass, which provides a clearer viewing experience and ensures that you get a better view of your fish. The main features of this tank include:

  • Silicone sealed to ensure no leakage
  • Made from glass
  • Dimensions – 74 inches x 20 inches x 23 inches
  • 5 star rating

CAD Lights 125 Gallon Artisan II Aquarium

This is a fantastic looking 125 gallon aquarium which is designed to be set up immediately, so you can get started on your fish keeping adventure immediately. You won’t just get a beautifully stylish tank with your purchase, you’ll also get a great looking stand to display your tank on. The main features of this tank include:

  • 1/2 inch thick ultra clear glass
  • 100% Maple Plywood aquarium stand
  • Silent pump
  • LED lighting

125 gallons is the perfect size for most fish keepers (and for most fish too). It provides your fishy friend with enough room to stay happy and healthy, and it doesn’t take up too much room in your home (which is always a good thing). We compiled the following list of 125 gallon fish tanks and aquariums by reading reviews, comparing prices and even giving them a test for ourselves in a few cases. The list might be pretty short (125 is quite a specific size for a tank after all), but hopefully you find our list useful.