150 Gallon Fish Tanks & Aquariums (Kits & Stands)

A 150 gallon aquarium is definitely what we would describe as a larger aquarium, but it could still probably fit quite comfortably into most standard homes. It’s also a great size of tank if you want to start keeping larger types of fish and incorporating larger plants and ornaments into your tank. Before we get into the more detailed guide, here is a quick overview of the best tanks at this size:

Best 150 gallon aquariumSellerWhere to buy
SC Aquariums (Starfire glass)AmazonCheck Price
Innovative Marine (internal overflow with APS cabinet)Marine DepotCheck Price
Innovative Marine (internal overflow)Marine DepotCheck Price
SeaporaAmazonCheck Price


And now for the more detailed reviews (If you want a custom tank, drop us a message here)


150 Internal Overflow Aquarium (Innovative Marine)

This is a premium aquarium made by Innovative Marine. It comes with a revolutionary internal overflow system (known as a Trapezoid Infinity Overflow), which is completely silent and very discreet. Other key features of this tank include:

  • Built with diamond edged ultra-thick high clarity low iron glass
  • Dimensions = 47.3” x 35.4” x 19.7”
  • 15mm Glass / 19mm Bottom Glass
  • Black silicone seal
  • Recessed Euro Brace
  • Questions? Drop us an email

Triton Oasis Fish Tank (Acrylic)

Triton aquariums are a pretty awesome company that we don’t feature very often on our site, despite how good they are. This ‘Oasis’ fish tank is a good example of that, as it has a bunch of nice little features that make it ultra useful. Notable features include:

  • Made from acrylic
  • Built in wet/dry filtration
  • Smart controller for LED system
  • Water pump/air pump
  • Suitable for freshwater and saltwater
  • Dimensions – 58 inches x 20 inches x 36 inches
  • Shipping weight – 330 pounds


  • This tank was made by Custom Aquariums©, and comes with FREE SHIPPING to any location within the USA. This is a 150 gallon glass aquarium built with a reinforced aluminium frame. Unlike popular plastic frames which are porous, aluminium frames are designed to withstand moisture. 
    • Free shipping to anywhere in the USA
    • 24 inches high x 60 inches long x 24 inches deep
    • 0.5″ glass thickness all over
    • Fully protected during transit with independent crate
    • Questions? Drop us an email

Aqueon 150 Gallon Fish Tank (Reef)

This 150 gallon fish tank looks pretty straightforward, but Aquarium Masters have added loads of extras that make this a really solid choice if you’re looking for a reliable tank. We’ve got a similar looking tank on our 120/125 gallon page. The main features of this tank include:

  • Made from distortion free glass – designed for clearer viewing
  • Diamond polished edges – gives the tank a unique look
  • Dimensions – 48 inches x 24 inches x 30 inches
  • Comes with a 30 inch plumbing kit

Sizes other than 150 Gallon fish tanks

Red Sea Reefer XXL Aquarium

This is actually a 160 gallon fish tank, but we’ve included it in this 150 gallon list because it’s a pretty awesome tank. The Reefer tanks from Red Sea are designed to create awesome reef environments for your fish, so if this is something you’d like to do then this is a good choice for sure. The main features of this Red Sea aquarium include:

  • Made with 19mm ultra clear glass
  • Adjustable skimmer chamber
  • Built in filter
  • Available in black or white
  • Come with stylish cabinet

CAD Lights Artisan II 150 Gallon Fish Tank

The Artisan II aquarium from CAD lights is available in 2 colors (black or white), and is also available with or without a protein skimmer included. The main features of this fish tank include:

  • Comes complete with cabinet stand
  • Designed to create a reef aquarium environment
  • 3 step set-up
  • Low iron ultra clear glass
  • Dimensions – 71 inches x 24 inches x 22 inches

150 gallons is the perfect size for any fish keeper who needs a larger aquarium for their fish, but still needs to be able to fit the tank in heir home comfortably. There isn’t a huge amount of fish tanks to choose from in the 150 gallon variety, but hopefully you’ll manage to find something that suits your (and your fish’s) needs. The first 150 gallon tank includes a stand (the ensemble) which is very helpful if you’re looking to keep your aquarium elevated.