2 Gallon Fish Tanks & Aquariums (Kits & more)

2 gallon aquariums are very small, and should only really be used for very small fish and potentially even just 1 fish on their own (like a betta fish). Regardless, we’ve selected the best 2 gallon aquariums we could find to add to this list, so hopefully it helps you make the right choice for your fishy friend! Before we get into the guide, here is a quick overview of what we believe the best tanks at this size are:

Best 2 gallon tanksSellerWhere to buy
Koller 360 tanksAmazonCheck Best Price
Fluval Spec kitAmazonCheck Best Price
Hex Betta tankAmazonCheck Best Price

And now for the more detailed reviews:

AquaView 360 2 Gallon Fish Tank with Power Filter and LED Lighting

This 2 gallon tank from Aquaview is a ‘best seller’ on Amazon, and has a very good star rating average of 4 stars from over 500 reviews. It also comes with energy efficient LED lighting which has 7 different settings. Check it out below.

BettaTank 2-Gallon Hex with LED Lighting

This 2 gallon hexagon aquarium is described as a BettaTank as it is the perfect size for a Betta fish. It is made by Koller, and has an average star rating of 3 stars from 10 reviews. Check it out below.

Round Plastic Bowl Fish Tank (2 Gallon Aquarium)

This 2 gallon bowl is very basic, and should only be used for 1 very small fish. It’s made from plastic, and is very lightweight and small so would probably work ideally as a desk fish tank.