220/230/240/250 Gallon Fish Tanks & Aquariums (Glass & Acrylic)

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220 gallon glass aquarium from FishTankBank (available with stand)

This is just an example of a 220 gallon glass aquarium we’ve built in the last year – it was a simple build, with an aluminium frame. We can of course build a similar tank at any size between 220-250 gallons, and we also offer acrylic. Here are the specifications of this build:

  • Dimensions – 72 inches x 24 inches x 30 inches
  • Corner flo eliminates filtration dead zones – we can add custom extras to any tank
  • Shipping to anywhere in the USA, prices from $900

Perfecto 2 Extra High Corner-Flo 220-Gallon Tank, 72-Inch, Black

Perfecto are a great fish tank company who are specialists at the larger sizes of aquariums. This 220 gallon aquarium is a great example of what they can do. It is silicone sealed, and the Corner Flo build of the tank keeps all of the corner flo components hidden and safely tucked away. The great thing about Perfecto tanks like this is that the front section is removable so it can be easily cleaned. Here are the main details of this tank:

  • Dimensions – 72 inches x 24 inches x 30 inches
  • Corner flo eliminates filtration dead zones
  • Available in black color

Aqueon Trim Clear Black Aquarium


  • Made from glass
  • One piece center braced frame

Clear For Life 240 Gallon Uniquarium

Clear for Life are one of the most popular brands we feature on FishTankBank, and they consistently seem to pop up in the lists that we make. This 240 gallon aquarium is a ‘uniquarium’, which means it has built in filtration. This makes it really easy to get started with your tank as it has everything you need to get started. Other notable features of this aquarium include:

  • Dimensions – 96 inches long x 24 inches wide x 24 inches high
  • Built-In Filtration
  • Clear for Life tanks are made in the USA

250 Gallon Tank Starphire W/ 2 Cornerflo

This 250 gallon aquarium features the same corner flo technology as the Perfecto fish tank, which means it has built in technology. Mojetto are not a well known company but this doesn’t mean you should completely disregard them when it comes to fish tanks! You can check them out on Amazon using the button below.

We decided to include all of the 220,230,240 and 250 gallon fish tanks on the same page, just to make your life that much easier! There is not a huge selection at this size if you’re looking for something from the more popular brands, however we do have quite a good selection of custom aquariums at these sizes if you’d like to speak to our team.