3 Gallon Fish Tanks & Aquariums (Kits & more)

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A 3 gallon aquarium is a great size for anyone getting started with fish keeping, as it can hold a comfortable number of fish and can fit easily in most homes. It also leaves a little room for some plants and decorations, allowing you to add a little style to the tank too. Before we get into our full guide about 3 gallon aquariums, here is a quick overview of what the best tanks included in the guide are:


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Tetra CubeAmazonCheck Price
Marineland NookAmazonCheck Price
Glofish AquariumAmazonCheck Price
Tetra ColorfusionAmazonCheck Price
Marineland Contour Kit (Top Rated)AmazonCheck Price


And now for the full detailed guide:

Marineland 3 Gallon Nook Aquarium

Another Marineland aquarium, another funny name (Nook? Seriously?). What this fish tank lacks in name, it more than makes up for in functionality, design and ‘badassery’. Your fish will be having the time of his life in here, plus you’ll have room for decorations and ornaments if you like. Along with the fish tank, you’ll also get:

  • LED lighting system
  • Hidden filtration system
  • Adjustable flow pump
  • Made from plastic material
  • Black canopy

Tetra Fish Cube

Continuing our countdown of 3 gallon fish tanks, this is a slightly bigger Tetra tank than the globe that we’ve featured elsewhere on the site, so if you’re needing more room for fun things like decorations and other accessories then this should be perfect. This tank also comes with a handful of nifty features that will make it even more fun for your fish, including:

  • 3i filter to keep your fish healthy and safe
  • LED lighting system
  • Feeding hole

Tetra GloFish Aquarium Kit

GloFish make excellent products, and this Tetra 3 gallon aquarium kit is no exception. Aside from being colorful (and making the inside of the tank feel like a rave), the fish tank also has enough room for a few decorations and ornaments, plus it comes with a few extras, including:

  • Aquarium Light with Blue LEDs
  • Internal Filter
  • Medium Filter Cartridge
  • Aquarium Set-Up Guide
  • Dimensions – 14.6 inches x 8.8 inches x 11.2 inches

Tetra Half Moon Bubbler

This tetra tank is very similar to the other half moon aquarium in this post, except it has a built in bubbler! If you’ve seen Finding Nemo then you’ll know all about bubblers (remember the Dentist’s office?), but in case you haven’t seen that film, bubblers produce bubbles. That’s about it really. Luckily, the tank isn’t just all about the bubbler, it also comes with:

  • Color changing bubbler – not literally, but the LED gives it a cool color changing effect
  • Cartridge based filtration
  • Controller for the color changing

MarineLand 3 Gallon Contour Kit

Aside from looking really cool, this contour 3 gallon fish tank is full of extras that make it an awesome choice for anyone with smaller fish. The rail light feature is really cool and gives it a unique look too. You’ll also get:

  • Daylight and moonlight LED settings – creates a unique look 
  • Discreet 3-step filtration & adjustable flow
  • Filter pump
  • Filter cartridge
  • Easy access glass canopy (perfect for feeding time)
  • Dimensions – 12 inches x 12 inches x 12.5 inches

GloFish Half Moon Fish Tank

Another 3 gallon half moon aquarium! I think this shape is popular because it allows for quite a good view of your fish without leaving them totally exposed. This is another GloFish fish tank, so is similarly colorful like the other GloFish aquarium in this list. With the tank you get:

  • Blue LED bubbler
  • Air pump
  • Internal filter
  • Small filter cartridge
  • Clear canopy (perfect for feeding)

Kollercraft Betta Fish Bowl

Although we’ve included this Betta bowl in our 3 gallon list, it isn’t the most highly reviewed item that we’ve ever included. Most of the reviewers over on Amazon didn’t even realize that it would be made of plastic, which gives it a much lighter feel than they were probably expecting. However plenty of the reviews seem pretty happy with it, so it’s quite a good cheap option if you need something that’ll simply keep your fish happy. Here are the main features:

  • LED light unit
  • Impact resistant built
  • Samples of API Betta food
  • Dimensions – 11.00 inches x 11.50 inches x 11.00 inches

Kollercraft 3 Gallon Hex Fish Tank

Kollercraft are great at making fish tanks which are simple and safe, and this 3 gallon aquarium is no exception. The unique shape makes it great for getting a good view of your fish, and the wideness of the tank means you can easily include your own collection of decorations and ornaments if you like. The fish tank also comes with:

  • Internal filtration system
  • LED lighting

Hawkeye 360 Fish Tank

Aside from looking really cool (kinda like a rocket ship) and having a cool name (kinda like a jet fighter), this fish tank is pretty new to the market so is still fresh out the box in terms of reviews. It doesn’t come with much – just an aerator which keeps the water healthy.

Marineland Silhouette 3 Gallon Aquarium Kit

This is a very stylish aquarium kit with a huge amount of positive reviews on Amazon. Another great thing is that the seller on Amazon has answered loads of questions about the fish tank (more than 30!), so you can really do your research. Because it’s a kit, you’ll have everything that you need to get started with your new fish, including:

  • Hidden 3 stage filtration
  • Daylight & moonlight LED settings
  • Hinged canopy
  • Adjustable pump
  • Dimensions – 14.1 inches x 13.6 inches x 12.2 inches

Tetra Crescent Aquarium Kit

Even though this fish tank is also available in a 5 gallon variety, this is a list of 3 gallon fish tanks so we’re going to be talking about the relevant size! This is described as desktop aquarium, probably for 2 reasons; firstly, it’s likely to fit comfortably on most desks, and secondly because it has a cool little light at the top (which is sort of like a book light). We love this fish tank because it has over 200 reviews over on Amazon (and an average score of 4 out of 5 stars which is pretty awesome!). It also comes with:

  •  Cartridge filtration
  • 16 LED light
  • Whisper filtration
  • Dimensions – 14.6 inches x 8.8 inches x 11.2 inches

Aquatunes Aquarium

This fish tank was so weird that we felt like we should just add it for the fun (and because it’s also 3 gallons). I’m not going to pretend like it’s the best aquarium in this list, I mean it’s basically just a speaker and fish tank combined. However, it does have some pretty good reviews so it must be doing something right.

Elive Aquaponics Aquarium Kit

This is described as a ‘semi circle’ fish tank which gives you a clue on the shape. Aside from looking really cool (and having a plant poking out the top of it like a crazy hairstyle), there are a ton of very useful features that this aquarium has which make it an awesome choice, including:

  • Made from glass
  • Hidden LED lighting
  • Dual filter
  • Set up guide
  • Dimensions – 13.5 inches x 8.7 inches x 11.7 inches

Top Fin 3.5 Gallon Enchant Aquarium

Ok, while this isn’t strictly a 3 gallon tank, we thought we’d still include it (towards the end of the list) purely because it’s a good choice and it fits well in our list. Described as an ‘enchant’ aquarium (I guess because it’s magical or something?), this tank has an impressive score of over 4 stars out of 5 from more than 50 reviewers, so it must be doing something right. We have a similar tank on our 2 gallon page. Here is a quick rundown of the main features of this aquarium:

  • Made from plastic
  • Feeding door on hood for convenience
  • Color-changing LED lighting system
  • ‘Element’ filter
  • Available in black
  • Dimensions – 12 inches x 8 inches x 12 inches

Top Fin Aquaponics Desk Tank

Another Top Fin tank, another 3.5 gallon entry in what is supposed to be a 3 gallon list. But hey – it’s always better to get a tank that’s a little bit bigger for your fish than a little bit smaller, so a half gallon ain’t going to hurt one bit. This tank comes with a ‘planter’, which explains the crazy green hairstyle that it’s rocking in the image that we’ve selected. It’s also got other cool features, including:

  • Made from glass
  • LED
  • Pump
  • Average score of 4 stars
  • Dimensions – 10 inches x 9 inches x 10 inches

Aqueon Forge Aquarium Stand

Like all of our fish tank lists, we decided to end this 3 gallon countdown with a recommended stand. This is a highly rated stand (4 and a half stars from over 50 reviews) which would be a perfect match for your 3 gallon tank as it has a smaller lower shelf, and room for something larger on top (like a tv or even another fish tank!). Here are the main features of the stand:

  • 7 step set up
  • Reversible wood panels
  • Rust resistant coating
  • Dimensions – 28.5 inches x 18.2 inches x 5 inches
  • Weight – 15 pounds

A 3 gallon fish tank is just about the smallest size of fish tank or aquarium that we’ll ever recommend on FishTankBank, mainly because there are very few types of fish who would ever feel comfortable in a tank of this size. However, there are smaller species of fish who can live very comfortably in 3 gallons (like Bettas), so with this in mind we thought we’d create a list of the best 3 gallon aquariums and fish tanks we could find:

Red Sea Aquariums (Our Honest Review)

Red Sea Aquariums are one of the biggest aquarium companies in the United States. They’re best known for their range of larger aquariums, with their reefer range being one of the most popular large fish tank ranges around. We thought it would useful for our readers to conduct a short review of Red Sea Aquariums as we get questions about them all the time. We’ll be taking a look at their product range, reviews and customer service to see if they’re worth your time. Let’s get into the review:

What are the Red Sea Aquariums products like?

As we mentioned, Red Sea Aquariums are perhaps best known for their larger fish tank range. However they’ve also got a great range of smaller tanks, with the NANO range being quite popular. These aquariums still complete with everything you need to get started – for example the 20 gallon MAX NANO tank includes reef-keeping technology (the ReefLED 50 lighting with integrated Wi-Fi control) as well as REEF-SPEC filtration and circulation systems. If you’re a beginner fishkeeper who is looking for a tank that you can start using immediately, the NANO tank range is a great choice.

If you’re more experienced and looking for a larger aquarium, then of course Red Sea Aquariums have something for you. The Reefer 3XL is a 240 gallon glass tank that comes with everything you need to get started – cabinet, dual side-facing return pump, enlarged overflow box, split sump system and even assembly-ready piping (so no gluing needed). Some people like to just buy the tank and then buy the equipment separately, however if you want an out of the box ready aquarium, Red Sea Aquariums are ideal.

What are the Red Sea Aquariums reviews like?

Red Sea Aquariums don’t collect reviews on any platforms like Trustpilot, but they do have a huge number of positive reviews on platforms like Facebook and Amazon. For example, the brand currently has an average rating of 4 out of 5 stars over on Amazon which makes them one of the highest-rated aquarium brands on there. Customers seem delighted with the quality of the aquariums, as well as the customer service they’ve received.

In Conclusion

Red Sea Aquariums are one of the best-known brands in the United States, and it’s not hard to see why.  They’ve got a huge number of positive reviews from happy customers, and although they’re a little more expensive than some other brands, the quality is unmatched.







Marine Depot (Our Honest Review)

We’ve bought lots of aquarium related kit from Marine Depot over the last several years, and we also recommend their products in a number of our posts. so we feel perfectly suited to write a short review of Marine Depot. They’re one of the largest online aquarium stores in the United States, and we think they deserve to have that reputation! To prove that, we’re going to conduct a short review of Marine Depot. We’ll be taking a look at their product range, customer service and reviews on third-party platforms to see how they rate. Let’s get into the review:

What are the Marine Depot products like?

Marine Depot have everything you could possibly need related to aquariums – equipment, lighting and more. But let’s start with their range of aquariums. The sizes they have available range from nano tanks to 200 gallons +, a great range to work within. They’ve got aquariums from 14 different brands, including well known and trusted brands like Clear-For-Life and Red Sea. You’ve got the choice of buying a tank on it’s own, or an aquarium set if you want everything to come with the tank ready to rock. This is especially useful for the larger aquariums, as buying a big aquarium then having to think about all the kit can be a bit stressful.

Aside from tanks, perhaps the most impressive range that Marine Depot have is their lighting range. With 5 categories to choose from, there is something for every type of tank and more including aquarium light bulbs, aquarium lighting mounts, and other lighting accessories.

What is the Marine Depot customer service like?

We’ve had nothing but excellent experiences with the Marine Depot customer service team, and think they set a standard that every other company should strive to match. There is a hotline you can call to speak to an expert member of the team if you need any advice, plus there is an easy to use form which allows you to choose from a number of different topics, so the team can help you with exactly what you need. 

Lastly, you can contact Marine Depot through their Facebook page and you’ll get a reply almost immediately. Really useful!


What are the Marine Depot reviews like?

Marine Depot collect customer reviews on their website, all of which are very positive. You can find the reviews for the individual products on the product pages, and the great thing about the customer reviews on the product pages is that they’re all verified buyers, so you know they’re real reviews.

Otherwise, you can also find reviews for Marine Depot on their Facebook page. They company is currently sitting with a rating of 4.5 out of 5 from almost 300 reviews, a great average score. The nice thing about the reviews on Facebook is that people often include pictures of the products they’ve bought.


In Conclusion

What else is there left to say? Marine Depot are one of the best places to head for aquarium supplies, and we give them a massive thumbs-up. 





Our 6ft fish tank range

A 6ft fish tank is seriously big! We’d estimate this to be between 700 – 800 litres in size. If buying an aquarium at this size, you’re almost always best to go custom – that’s exactly what we can do.

Our workshop team can build you a 6ft aquarium using either glass or acrylic, and can deliver it you anywhere within mainland UK.

If you’d like to know more about the type of 6ft aquariums we can build, and whether or not we can build the 6ft fish tank of your dreams – contact us today for more information. 

Fluval Roma 240 LED Aquarium Set

The Fluval Roma 240 LED Aquarium Set is one of the hottest aquarium sets you can buy right now in the UK, and it’s not hard to see why. At 240 litres this tank is seriously big and is ideal for any fishkeeper who wants to take their game to the next level. If you’re looking to purchase the Fluval Roma 240 LED Aquarium Set in the UK right now then here is everything you need to know about this awesome aquarium:


  • Available in 3 different colours with matching cabinet style
  • Bluetooth LED lighting system
  • Comes complete with Fluval 306 External filter, Fluval Heater and LCD Thermometer
  • Includes cabinet
  • Includes Aquarium Care Guide


Height 55cm (126.5cm inc. Cabinet)
Width 120cm
Depth 40cm


Buy now!




Black Aquarium Sand UK

We sell black aquarium sand to anywhere within the UK. Typically many fish owners like to use gravel in their fish tanks, but we think sand can be a great choice too. Sand might not allow water to flow as easily through it as gravel can, but one of the great things about aquarium sand is that certain breeds of fish like to bury into it. Black sand in particular can attract certain types of fish.

If you want a tank which looks similar to a seabed, then black sand can also help to complete this look better than aquarium gravel can.

Lastly, many of our UK customers who buy custom aquariums have a theme in mind when installing a fish tank in their home. For anyone who wants a black, darker look to their fish tank, black aquarium sand can help to achieve that look.

We had a customer with a Fluval 240 who added black sand, also a customer with a 6ft tank.

For more information please contact us here.

Custom Aquariums UK

We’re now expanding our custom aquarium offering to the UK!

If you’re based in the UK and you’re looking for a custom aquarium for your home, workplace or elsewhere – drop us a message today and we can work out the specifics.

Whether you’re looking for glass or acrylic aquariums, we can build it. Our team has over 10 years experience building fish tanks for people in the UK, and we can deliver to anywhere across the country (from London to Land’s End!)

Take a look at our gallery to see our available styles and sizes, otherwise drop us a message and we’ll see what we can do for you.

Eheim 2217 Canister Filter


Eheim Canister Filter 2217 Classic 264g

This is the Eheim 2217 external canister filter, one of the most reliable on the market. We’ve included 2 options for purchasing this filter, both of which have large amounts of positive reviews (this filter has an average rating of 4 and a half stars from more than 40 reviews). This filter has a 24 month guarantee, which is fairly standard for Eheim products. This filter is quiet, and has a clever spray bar to help with aerating the water. Check it out below.

EHEIM Classic External Canister Filter with Media

This is a slightly different listing for the same product shown above, the main difference being that this provides 3 different sizes of filter. Some of the main features of this filter include:

  • Silicon ring on pump head for easy closing after cleaning
  • Complete with filter sponges
  • Includes – spray bar, inlet pipe, hose and other installation accessories
  • Average rating of 4 stars from over 680 reviews!
  • Perfect for fish tanks from 10 gallon to 200 gallon

The easiest way to clean this filter is to use activated charcoal pads, usually a single pad is enough to clean the filter sufficently.

Next Reef Sump

NextReef NRS-30 Sump

  • Spacious main chamber
  • Made with premium acrylic
  • Made with precision CNC machining
  • Integrated sock holders and bulkheads
  • Socks and bullhead fittings included

Python Water Changer (An Honest Review)

Until you discover the Python Water Changer, people are usually changing aquarium water every week the same old fashioned way everyone else does – with a bucket and a siphon.  This long, frustrating process is perhaps the biggest annoyance to having a nice, large aquarium because of the sheer amount of time and work that is required

But now with a Python Water Change System, people are able to do the job in around thirty minutes without dealing with most of the mess everyone usually has to deal with.  The Python Water Change System makes the entire process a much simpler one than the old way, utilizing a simple mechanism to both clean and refill the tank easily and quickly. 


image of python water changer

Lance Reyniers created the No Spill, Clean and Fill System that is the Python Water Change System and possibly changed the level of convenience for aquarium cleaning around 30 years ago.  Based in Milwaukee, Python Products sells around the world and is available on the Petco website and of course Amazon. They arrive with no assembly required and able to connect to most faucets straight out of the box.  Affordable and able to arrive at your house in the span of a few days, Lance’s product is the king of convenience in aquarium cleaning.

How to use the Python Water Changer

The simple device works by attaching the T-Pump to the faucet and then turning on the water to create the suction necessary to pull the water up the apparatus.  Then you simply drag the gravel tube through the bottom of the tank to clean out the bottom dirt in the tank and then once the water level is low enough, swap out the gravel tube for the small water hook that is easily purchased separately.  Then reverse the flow of the water on the T Pump and suddenly the same device that was draining the water is now refilling the tank. Finishing what was once a complicated and manually intense process in a simple, timely manner. Eliminating what was once a long and physical draining process.  Prior to having the Python Water Change System, you have to physical scoop water out of the tank and then scoop out the gravel from the tank, clean it, put it back and then slowly pour new water into the tank.

While the water change system doesn’t work with all faucets and you can’t disconnect it from the sink during the draining but beyond those minor inconveniences the system is compact, easy to store, easy to set up and even easier to use.  While there are a few extra pieces that buying does make the process even easier, if you decide not to, it’s still an easy process to change the water. Much easier than the old method of manually draining the tank and hand cleaning the rocks.


What extras come with the Python Water Changer?

When the Python Water Change System arrives at your house, it comes equipped with almost fifty feet of hose to give you some range as to how close the aquarium in question has to be to the faucet in question.  The durable, clear plastic Gravel Tube that comes with the unit is one of the smaller ones, so buying one of the larger ones is probably a great idea to increase the ease with which a tank is cleaned although the size of the tank will ultimately determine the minimum length you need.  It also comes with a Faucet Adapter that fits to most sinks, but be aware it doesn’t connect to all faucets as there are some that it just won’t fit, so on this point a little bit of research is required. There’s a faucet pump in the box, which is designed to allow you to change the direction of the water with a simple flick of the switch, making it an ease to move the water in and out of the aquarium.  In addition to the pump there’s a switch that attaches to the Gravel Tube that allows it to alternate between draining the tank and filling it. The one piece that isn’t included that greatly increases the ease of the cleaning and swapping of the water is The Hook System which is sold separately. If you purchase the hook system and the larger gravel tube, the Python Water Change System becomes the time saving, convenient and easy way to clean aquariums, large and small.

So, do we recommend the Python Water Changer?

Absolutely! Overall, the ease and convenience that comes with such a simple method of changing and cleaning an aquarium that comes in the Python Water Change System makes it an amazing value.  Saving both time and physical labor only adds to the overall value. Rather than lugging heavy buckets of water into and out of the house and then having to hand clean the gravel on the bottom, you simply install the T Pump to the faucet and run the hose to the aquarium and from there it gets even easier with The Hook System.  After cleaning the tank with the Gravel Tube and draining the water to the desired level, you simply swap the tube out for the Hook, leave the Hook on the side of the tank and reverse the flow of the water and wait.