crocodile skull decor

Awesome Fish Tank Decorations

At FishTankBank, we think that fish deserve to have the best possible environment to live, sleep and eat in. And quite often, their fish tanks can be pretty bare and not very fun or interesting. One way to add some intrigue and interest for your fish is to fill their tank with exciting decorations that they can use to hide or entertain themselves. So here is a list of some awesome fish tank decorations that we think your fish is gonna totally love:


T-rex Skull




Nothing says that your fish is a badass better than sticking a dinosaur skull in their tank alongside them. You could even make up a story that your fish travelled back in time and hunted the magnificent beats himself. Not only does this skull provide an awesome fish time travelling story for you to share with your friends, but it’s hollow space gives a great place for your fish to hide or take a nap. Or plot his next hunting mission…

LED volcano 




This volcano might not seem like much but it looks insanely cool in a fish tank and is guaranteed to give your fish hours of entertainment with the bubbles it produces. Not only that, but bubbles also help maintain the cleanliness of the fish tank, which is also handy. This product has an average score of 4 and a half stars out of 5 from nearly 300 reviews, which is a ton of positive feedback. Click the image or button above to read some of the reviews from those satisfied customers.





The company Hydor have a wide range of awesome bubblers that give the bubbles a colourful effect. The two above are some of my favourites, but there are other bubblers available that are just as awesome like a pyramid, a crystal and a greek temple. These decorations were just too badass not to include here. There are loads of positive reviews on Amazon for these products and people seem to really love them. Click on the green button to read some reviews before you purchase.


Nile Crocodile Skull




I just couldn’t resist putting another skull in here, they are just so badass and cool! This one looks extra special to me, and is useful because it comes in 2 different sizes. You can have a 6 inch ornament or 8 inch ornament depending on the size of your tank.


So there are some awesome fish tank decorations that have a ton of positive reviews from satisfied customers. We love every single item that we have listed above, and think they will look cool in your fish tank at home (not your fish tank, your fish’s fish tank. Unless you live in a fish tank, then I sincerely apologise).

Every single one of the items included above is dispatched and shipped by Amazon, so you know that your items are in safe hands and are being dealt with by a reputable and professional company.

FishTankBank is proud to be associated with these great products and hopes you will enjoy them too!