Black Aquarium Sand UK

We sell black aquarium sand to anywhere within the UK. Typically many fish owners like to use gravel in their fish tanks, but we think sand can be a great choice too. Sand might not allow water to flow as easily through it as gravel can, but one of the great things about aquarium sand is that certain breeds of fish like to bury into it. Black sand in particular can attract certain types of fish.

If you want a tank which looks similar to a seabed, then black sand can also help to complete this look better than aquarium gravel can.

Lastly, many of our UK customers who buy custom aquariums have a theme in mind when installing a fish tank in their home. For anyone who wants a black, darker look to their fish tank, black aquarium sand can help to achieve that look.

We had a customer with a Fluval 240 who added black sand, also a customer with a 6ft tank.

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