Betta Fish Leaf Hammocks

brown betta hammock

What is a Betta hammock and why do Betta fish need it?

A 'Betta fish leaf hammock' is a place for your Betta fish to rest, which imitates the typical leaf bedding you would generally find in their natural habitat. Adding a Betta hammock to your fish tank is a great way to make your fish feel comfortable and more at home, without having to spend too much on special equipment. Some people will choose to make their own hammocks for their Betta fish, but I would generally advise against this for a few reasons. For starters, if you create a hammock which is unsafe, it could cause serious issues for your Betta and even result in a loss of their life. But the biggest problem that people have with DIY Betta hammocks is that they generally just aren't as good as the hammocks you'll find elsewhere. With this in mind, I've selected a few Betta hammocks that I truly believe to be the best on the market currently:

Zoo Med Laboratories Betta Hammock

betta leaf hammockThis Betta hammock from Zoo Med...
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Fish Tank & Aquarium Dividers

Fish tank dividers are important pieces of equipment for any fish keeper who is breeding fish. They help to keep different species of fish separated from each other, which ensures their comfort and safety during the breeding. Not all dividers are built equally though, so we've complied a list of the best dividers by brand. Check it out:

Fin Friends Aquarium Divider

This aquarium divider from Fin Friends is perfect for larger tanks (anywhere between 30 to 55 gallons). The size is approximately 12.5in x 18.75in, which gives you an idea of whether or not it will be suitable for your tank. The divider features suction cups, which make it easier to keep it in place. There are also pins on the divider that keep the side rails together, ensuring security. This is a perfect solution for any fish keeper who has to keep different species of fish separated in a single tank. This item has over 30 five star reviews over on Amazon - check it out by using the buttons above.

Lee's AQ2 Fi...

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Hexagon Stand

You finally got a fish tank! But now there's a's too low down! Your fish deserve to stand tall and proud, so what better way to give your fish the royal treatment they deserve than by placing them on top of one of these hexagon fish tank stands! These stands all help to provide stability and safety to your fish, but also look great in any room that you place them in! We've selected the stands below based on several key aspects, including their safety, value for money and just generally how good they look. Also, we read the reviews on Amazon to ensure that other customers have been satisfied with the items too! So let's get on with the list! (edit: we also have octagon tanks if you need even more angles!)Pine Fish Tank Standfish-tank-hexagon-standbutton-buy-it-now-sidebarThis pine stand is beautifully made and is sturdy enough to support a fairly heavy tank. The hexagon shaped base gives it a solid support, yet it is sleek enough to fit in a variety of different shaped rooms. There is a glass panel a...
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Fish Tank & Aquarium Cabinets

Although most people tend to focus on the actual fish tank, aquarium or cool bowl that is going to contain their fishy friend, it can often be of equal importance to have a sturdy stand to ensure that your fish has a comfortable time in his new aquarium home. One way of ensuring his safety is to put him in or on top of a cabinet made specifically for fish tanks and aquariums. These cabinets are specially designed to not only provide support and safety, but also to look stylish, cool and attractive to the eyes. We have selected the cabinets that are featured in this list based on their quality, their value for money and their average customer rating on Amazon or PetSmart, so we hope you find them satisfactory too. Without further ado, let me introduce our list of the best cabinets to buy for fish tanks and aquariums!


Aquatic Fundamentals 10/20 Gallon Fish Tank Cabinet

cabinet-fishbutton-buy-it-now-sidebarThis cabinet may not look like much, but it has an average customer rating of 4 and a half star...
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