Chemi Pure Blue

Boyd Enterprises Chemi-Pure Blue Filtration Media for Aquarium, 11-Ounce (2 Pack)

Chemi pure blue is filtration media which keeps PH levels stable and keeps your water as healthy as possible for your fish. Check out the 11 ounce (2 pack) here.

Boyd Enterprises Chemi-Pure Filtration Media for Aquarium

Boyd Enterprises Chemi-Pure Aquarium Filtration Media, 5.5-Ounce, Blue

Boyd Chemi-Pure Blue Nano Aquarium (5 Pack)

Chemi pure blue is designed to keep PH levels stable within the water, which can help to reduce fish death due to changes in the water. From an aesthetic perspective, chemi pure blue can also help to keep your water crystal clear and can help to mimic the natural appearance of sea water. It is especially useful in reef aquariums where coral, rocks and other natural decorations can interfere with the makeup of the water.