Coolest Fish Tank Decorations

Fish tanks can be pretty boring places, and fish can get fed up of seeing them same decorations day after day. We all know the type of decorations I’m talking about; maybe some plants, rocks, and a funny little diver ornament (yeh, cos THATS still funny). And I am totally guilty of this myself. We don’t want to have to settle for this type of tat. We want our decorations to be the most badass, coolest things that are fish have ever seen. We want our fish to feel like a cross between Nicholas Cage and Vin Diesel while swimming about in there. This is exactly why we have rounded up some really cool items to add to your fish tank, and posted them all on one page. So, without further ado, check out the list!

T-rex Skull



It wouldn’t feel right to start this list without adding a skull in there. We seem to have developed a fetish for these badass ornaments on this site, mainly because they have a multitude of different functions. Not only do they look really great in a tank, they also provide a new point of interest for your naturally curious fishy friend. Plus, they have holes big enough to allow fish to swim through them and take a closer look. Another good point about this item that we love is that it is made from a special resin that is totally suitable for use underwater, and won’t do any harm to your fish. If you want to find out more about the dimensions for this item, or just fancy checking out some of the awesome reviews that it has, click the green button above.

LED volcano 



This volcano has been a bestseller on our site for a while, which doesn’t really surprise us too much. Although the picture above doesn’t look like much, it doesn’t really do this really cool item justice. Not only does it have an awesome LED effect, but it also produces a stream of bubbles that light up red, so it looks like lava is cascading out of the top. See, we told you it was badass! But ultimately, it’s the little details on this item that we love the most. It has a great detail to it which looks great in any tank, and is easy to set up and get going. Not only do bubbles look really great in an aquarium, they also have other benefits too. They keep the oxygen flowing round the tank, and they keep everything nice and clean, which is another great reason to get a bubbler in there. If you want to learn more about the dimensions and price of this item, or want to read some of the reviews over on Amazon, click the green button above! (this item is currently sitting with an average score of 4 and a half stars from over 300 reviews….)

Diver’s Helmet



This helmet is an all time favourite ornament of mine, just because I absolutely love the detail that it has. It has a cool rusted effect that makes it look really authentic and like it’s just been discovered at the bottom of the ocean. We should also point out that this item is quite large, weighing just over a kilogram, so might not be suitable for all sizes of tank. However, if you have the space to accommodate a larger item like this, we absolutely recommend it. Having something big in your tank can give the tank a focal point, whilst also providing your fish with something interesting to explore, and in this case, swim about in or even take a nap inside! However, we always take it upon ourselves to remind you that one big decoration in an average sized tank is usually enough. You don’t want to crowd your fish! To find out more about this item, like price and dimensions, click the green button above. Oh, and this item is currently sitting with an average Amazon rating of 5 stars….

So there we have our list of the coolest items for fish tanks that we could find. It might not seem like much, but we only wanted the best items on our website on this list, and we think these items tick all of the right boxes. One is badass, one is a bubbler with lights and one is a nice big ornament. Perfect. All of the items above are shipped and handled through Amazon, because we think that’s the best way to do things. However, if you do find any problems with your order, try and contact the seller, whose details you can find by clicking the relevant green button above. If you can’t find their details, drop us a message and we will try to get a hold of them. We hope you explore the rest of our site and enjoy using FishTankBank.