Custom Aquariums – We Build Them!

We design, build and sell custom fish tanks and can build you any size and style of aquarium you want. Speak to our workshop team by filling in the form below.

If you’re interested in one of our custom aquariums, please fill in the form below to contact our sales manager Silas for a free quote.

We have included some frequenly asked questions on this page to ensure you find what you’re looking for:

Do you use acrylic or glass for your custom fish tanks?

We can build your aquarium using either acrylic or glass. It is completely up to you.

How much do your custom aquariums cost?

We have a post that explores this, but really there is no minimum or maximum price. Some custom fish tanks are really straightforward to build, others can take months.

How are the custom fish tanks manfucatured?

We have a full workshop team who handle every build. We work closely with the customer to ensure that we match their expectations. We even send over blueprints of the build before we start so the customer can sign off the work.

What sizes can you build?

We’ve got pages for 500 gallon fish tanks, 600 gallon fish tanks, and even 800 gallons – but the truth is we can do just about any size (we’ve not had anybody want anything bigger than 2000 gallons before, maybe one day!)

large custom aquarium

If you’re interested in something smaller we can do a 150 gallon aquarium, a 125/120 gallon aquarium or even a 75 gallon aquarium. Just contact us for more information.