Dividers for Fish Tanks & Aquariums


Fish tank dividers are important pieces of equipment for any fish keeper who is breeding fish. They help to keep different species of fish separated from each other, which ensures their comfort and safety during the breeding. Not all dividers are built equally though, so we’ve complied a list of the best dividers by brand. Check it out:

Fin Friends Aquarium Divider

This aquarium divider from Fin Friends is perfect for larger tanks (anywhere between 30 to 55 gallons). The size is approximately 12.5in x 18.75in, which gives you an idea of whether or not it will be suitable for your tank. The divider features suction cups, which make it easier to keep it in place. There are also pins on the divider that keep the side rails together, ensuring security. This is a perfect solution for any fish keeper who has to keep different species of fish separated in a single tank. This item has over 30 five star reviews over on Amazon – check it out by using the buttons above.

Lee’s AQ2 Fish Tank Divider


Lee’s AQ2 are well known for producing quality fish tank accessories, and this fish tank divider is no exception. Designed for smaller aquariums and fish tanks, the recommended size of tank for this divider is 10 gallons. The divider is 10 inches by 12 inches, making it perfect for smaller fish tanks. With more than 20 five star reviews over on Amazon it’s obviously a good piece of equipment. Check it out on Amazon above.




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