Petco Dollar Per Gallon Sale (Amazon & Marine Depot Too!)

Dollar per gallon sales are awesome – let’s face it, aquariums can be seriously expensive, especially once you start getting up into the larger sizes. Just take a look at our 100 gallon, 120 gallon and 150 gallon pages – you’re lucky to get a tank for less than $2,000!


This is where the dollar per gallon sales come in. Although these are mostly for tanks anywhere between 5-50 gallons, you can occasionally pick up larger sizes for a dollar per gallon, which can result in a real bargain. Here are a few places where you can pick up a dollar per gallon sale steal!


Petco are credited with being one of the first companies to launch a dollar per gallon sale. They generally run once per year, however I don’t think there is any real schedule in place for the sale. The best thing you can do is to message Petco and ask them when they are planning to run the next sale as it can be a fairly last minute thing. Here is the page on their site where you can check out the sale.  



Amazon can be a good place to check for dollar per gallon sales, however it won’t be sales advertised by Amazon, it’s usually sellers of tanks who advertise their dollar per gallon sales. Again, you can message sellers to see when their next sale is. Here is a page where you can see some of these sales. Here is a page which sometimes shows these sales.


Marine Depot

I’ve been speaking to a representative from Marine Depot recently and I believe they are considering launching their own dollar per gallon sale, so it is definitely worth keeping an eye on their site. Here is their clearance page which has some great deals already, and where they’ll likely post their dollar per gallon sale. 


When is the next petco dollar per gallon sale?

The next petco dollar per gallon sale will likely be towards the end of 2020, between the months of September and November. You can contact Petco directly to find out specific dates however they will not confirm the exact dates until nearer the start of the sale.