Fish Tank Ornament Frozen Ice Castle

‘Hey look! More Frozen stuff! That will be great for when my friends come round, as it will remind us of the good times we shared watching the film! Wow, and to think I almost didn’t buy this specific fish tank ornament.’





Is that you? Is it? Are you that person, the one who keeps buying Frozen fish tank ornaments off my site? Go away! Never come back! We can’t keep up with your demand! Get help!


This is the castle from Frozen. You know that film, right? Well, here is the castle. I mean, it’s a kinda crappy castle. For starters, it’s made from ice. Pretty easy to attack, just get some matches. Or a dragon. Fortunately, you guys don’t have dragons in you fish tanks (if you do, email me ASAP). This castle is made with fish friendly materials and is available for purchase now.