Fish Tank Ornament Grass Cave

Haha look at this fuzz ball. It’s like a green afro that your fish can hide in. Isn’t that awesome? I actually have another fish tank hiding cave ornament on this site, but this one is my new favourite. I probably shouldn’t turn my products against each other. They could start a fight or something, mess up my pretty website. Then maybe all the other products get involved. Led volcanoes start fighting against Spongebob. That actually sounds pretty awesome. Until the seahorses get involved. Those guys are real mean.






This grass hiding cave cheap fish tank ornament is the perfect place for your fish to get some quite time or even some shut eye. Plus, it looks REALLY FUNNY.

If you have a green afro, you may have been offended by the image I used above. This was in no way intended to be offensive towards you, or anybody else with a green afro. Green afros are awesome, trust me. You look really cool. If my apology has not been enough, and you now hate me with a passion, give me one last chance to redeem myself. There are loads of awesome reviews for this hiding cave, and all of the other cheap fish tank ornaments on this site. To read some of them now, click here.