Fish Tank Ornament London Bus


Awright Guvnor! Bring out the Russell Brand within you by adding this unusual fish tank ornament to your collection! Your fish will slowly turn into a cockney minstrel, reeling around the streets of London searching for shillings to splash out on a brand new chimney sweep! Or something like that. Was that mean? I’m sorry England, I love you really. You can keep Russell Brand though, we don’t really want him. And James Corden. God, we have some really bad exports don’t we.






This unusual fish tank ornament is made with fish friendly materials, so is perfect for any fish tank. I wouldn’t take your fish to England though. They LOVE fish and chips over there. It’s like their national dish. And they deep fry the fish. Ew. It’s like something out of Saw. Cover your fish’s ears.


If all this post has made you crave is a fish supper, fear not. This product is genuinely really cool, and it’s not just Russell Brand that agrees with me. There are loads of really positive reviews and comments for this product and all of the fish tank ornaments on this site. To see a collection of some of the more recent reviews, click here.