fish tank ornament

Plane Wreck Fish Tank Ornament

Turn your fish into a respected war hero with this plane wreck fish tank ornament. Watch as he receives multiple honours for his bravery at the frontline of the fish tank, and becomes a hero for saving America.


fish tank ornament



I kinda thought my fish would want to be in the navy. Not because of the whole living in water thing. I just thought he was scared of heights. I guess not. Learn something new every day.


Of course, all of the armed forces deserve to have our respect and gratitude for their bravery. That’s the disclaimer. Now you can’t sue me. Because that was a nice thing to say. I’m not always like this, you know. I used to be so fun. I used to go out and meet people. And then I started buying fish. One led to another, which led to another. I thought they were lonely. I have hundreds of fish in my house now, I practically share a bed with them (practically, I said. I’m not that kind of fish fanatic).

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