saber tooth skull fish-tank-ornament

Fish Tank Ornament Saber Tooth Tiger Skull

Is this cool enough for you? Is this what you want? Let’s be honest- there are loads of boring fish tank ornaments out there. And trust me, I have seen them all. But the point of this website is to only show you ornaments that are worth your time and money. So I will ask again….Is this cool enough?




Of course it is! Look at it! It’s a Saber Tooth Tiger! In your fish tank! This is insanely cool. If you’re looking for an unusual fish tank ornament, look no further than here. It’s not a real skull, of course. But it is extremely well made. And of course, fish friendly. All that might happen is they will get a little fright. Keeps them on their toes (do fish have toes?).

If you think this fish tank ornament looks a bit too scary, why not read some recent comments and reviews from some happy customers? Many people who order large fish tank ornaments online are disappointed when a little flimsy package comes through the door. Luckily, this Saber tooth tiger skull is actually very well made, and large too. Not too big though, just right. To see a collection of the most recent comments and reviews for this fish tank ornament, click here