Fish Tank Ornaments Divers Helmet

This detailed and sizeable divers helmet is the perfect unusual fish tank ornament for anybody looking to personalise their fish tank. The helmet previously belonged to an oompah loompah who worked for oil rigs, and could repair areas that nobody else could fit in. He has been long retired from the diving profession though, and now works for somebody called Mr Wonka. Don’t ask me why.







Look, I’ll be straight with you. There was no oompah loompah. He was made up by me. Phew, feels good to get that off my chest. But this divers helmet fish tank ornament is detailed and well made. That was all true. I’m proud to have it featured here on my site.

If you have been saddened by my oompah loompah comments, you’re not alone. Lots of people got in touch with me regarding my comments on the oompah loompah story, and were confused to say the least. They failed to see how small oompah loompahs can relate to relatively large fish tank ornaments. Well I will tell you how, seaweed hair. Yep, that’s why it is green. Mind=Blown. If you want to read some positive comments and reviews for this product that were posted recently, and aren’t concerned with oompah loompahs, click here.