Freshwater Coral

If you’re wanting freshwater coral then we’ve got news for you – it doesn’t really exist. However if you have a freshwater tank and you want to populate it with some coral, then luckily for you artificial coral exists! Here is some of the best coral to use in a freshwater tank.

Instant Reef Coral

  • This realistic looking artificial coral is the perfect addition to any freshwater tank. It is made with high quality resin and has an average rating of 3 stars on Amazon. The coral is large enough to allow for hiding within the holes and spaces created by the coral.

Instant Reef DM012

  • This is another Instant Reef coral, but this one is actually even better rated than the first item in this list, with an average rating of 5 stars!

Medium Coral (Top Fin)

  • This is a slightly cheaper coral than the Instant Reef options included in this list, however it still looks great and is still a great choice for freshwater tanks. We highly recommend it!