FTB about

Hey, I’m Max. FishTankBank is the product of a team committed to ongoing hard work, research and dedication to everything related to fish tanks.

We’re all big fans of keeping fish, but we know that there are so many fish out there living in cramped conditions living miserable lives. We want to change that.

By telling you which fish tanks and aquariums are worth your while, and which are not, we’ll hopefully help to prevent fish from suffering.

We’ve also included some decorations and accessories on the site too, to help you create the perfect environment for your fish.

None of the products on this site are sold by us directly, and the majority of the products are sold through Amazon. We merely do all the hard work for you by only selecting the best products available for purchase, and all of the products that are advertised on the site are products that we have used ourselves!

Thanks for stopping by, if you ever want to ask us anything then contact us here.