Octagon Fish Tanks & Aquariums (With Stands)

Octagon fish tanks and aquariums can be more than a vessel for holding your beloved fish, they can be a stylish piece that compliment the look and feel of your room! But although many stylish and taller octagonal fish tanks tend to sacrifice safety for style, we’ve found a few tanks that both look great and are safe for your fish. These aquariums have plenty of capacity to hold plenty of water, and can easily accommodate several gallons of water. Plus, a few of them are available with stands too. So let’s get on with the list:



Eight Sided Aqua Coffee Table

Finally, we decided it would be a good idea to end this list of octagon fish tanks with something a bit more interesting – a coffee table! We already have an entire page dedicated to coffee table fish tanks, but this eight sided one is technically an octagon aquarium so we decided to include it in this list. It comes with blue gravel and LED lighting which makes it look spectacular.

10 Gallon Acrylic Octagon Fish Tank (Midwest Tropical)

  • 10 gallon capacity – perfect for several fish of various species
  • Acrylic is lighter and easier to move
  • Acrylic is far harder to break than glass
  • Acrylic has nearly the same index of refraction as water – so less distortion when you’re looking at your fish!
  • Free shipping on this tank



This 10 gallon acrylic octagon fish tank is a stylish solution for fish owners who are looking to have a safe and stylish tank for their fish. The acrylic construction gives the tank a unique and distinctive design with a blue glow, and the octagon base means that it is nice and sturdy too! The tank is about 30 inches high, and has a unique attraction that allows you to view your fish from every angle, and can make your fish the centrepiece of your room. Not only does this tank look great, it is incredibly easy to set up and organize. It comes complete with a few accessories, including a filter and light system, meaning you can get started straightaway. If you’d like to find out more about this item, including pricing and sizing, click on the green button above.

55 Gallon Octagon Aquarium Tower 



This octagon fish tank is a genius way to accommodate a large amount of fish without taking up a huge amount of floor space. 55 gallons is a huge amount of capacity for any fish owner, and could easily hold several medium sized fish comfortably and safely. The octagonal base gives the tower sturdy support, making this tank a perfect solution for homeowners with limited space who are looking to get fish. This tank is also brilliant for people who are new to looking after fish, as it comes complete with a large amount of the equipment that you need to get started. Filters, lighting, plants and a pump are all included with the fish tank, helping newbies to get started with their new hobby (just add fish!). To find out more about this item, including sizes and price, click on the green button above.


So there are a couple of octagon fish tanks for you to check out. Despite the stability and safety that an octagonal base can provide, there are not many available for purchase online. However, there are plenty of hexagonal tanks currently available which you can check out on our site. Please feel free to check out some other fish tanks on FishTankBank!

Are these aquariums safe?

One of the questions that I get quite often is how safe the fish tanks on this website are. And although I don’t always get a chance to try out these fish tanks for myself, I don’t recommend them unless I have friends or colleagues who have. I can understand that when you look at this octagon fish tank, you might have some concerns. After all, an octagonal shaped fish tank is kinda weird looking! But don’t worry, these tanks are all completely safe and I wouldn’t recommend them on my website otherwise.

Do these fish tanks look as good as they do in the images? 

Of course! They probably actually look better than they do in the images. They’re much larger for starters, and have some pretty effects that make them look colorful. If you’re really unsure about whether you like the fish tank or not, you could simply order it then return it immediately.

Why are octagon fish tanks so hard to find?

We really don’t know! There are loads of different reasons why you might want one of these tanks, yet they’re very hard to come by. If you’ve ever tried to look online (as we did) then you’ll probably notice that there are mainly hexagon fish tanks available, and the octagonal variety are a bit harder to come by. We think it’s probably because they’re harder to build safely, and that very few companies know how to properly create the fish tanks. We have to admit, the octagonal shape is slightly complicated. Yet that is what makes the tanks so unique! Also, buying the extras for this tank might be quite hard. After all, most tanks need extra lids or hoods to be secure, and getting your hands on octagonal hoods might seem a bit trickier. Fortunately, there are plenty of them out there.

The verdict?

There’s nothing wrong with these tanks, and if you like the shape then there is no reason why you shouldn’t consider getting one. However, if you have larger fish then I wouldn’t recommend this fish tank at all. You need considerable space for fish, and the great thing about the octagonal shape is that it creates more space than it seems like initially. Which is awesome for homeowners who have limited space in their homes!

We also have similar fish tanks on this website if these octagon fish tanks don’t float your boat. Feel free to take a look around our website, or drop us an email at Fish Tank Bank for more information!


Sam is the owner and main writer for Fish Tank Bank. He has been keeping fish and building aquariums for over 20 years.