Hexagon Stand

You finally got a fish tank! But now there’s a problem….it’s too low down! Your fish deserve to stand tall and proud, so what better way to give your fish the royal treatment they deserve than by placing them on top of one of these hexagon fish tank stands! These stands all help to provide stability and safety to your fish, but also look great in any room that you place them in! We’ve selected the stands below based on several key aspects, including their safety, value for money and just generally how good they look. Also, we read the reviews on Amazon to ensure that other customers have been satisfied with the items too! So let’s get on with the list! (edit: we also have octagon tanks if you need even more angles!)

Pine Fish Tank Stand



This pine stand is beautifully made and is sturdy enough to support a fairly heavy tank. The hexagon shaped base gives it a solid support, yet it is sleek enough to fit in a variety of different shaped rooms. There is a glass panel at the top of the aquarium, or you could place a piece of wood on the stand to help further support your tank. The black style of the stand is subtle, and could easily fit in with the style of any room. The seller on Amazon is contactable and can answer any further questions you may have about this item. To find out more about this fish tank stand, please click on the green button above.


Asian Hexagon Stand



This asian style stand is actually intended for heavy plants, but could easily be used to support your fish tank. Plus, it just looked too good not to include it in this list! The seller is easily contactable and you could enquire with her about the dimensions of your tank and whether or not the stand would be able to support your fish tank. We just love the design and colour of this stand, and think it could be a great addition to any type of room that you add it to. It comes in 3 different sizes, so you can choose which size would most easily fit in the room that you’ve chosen to place it in. To find out more about this item, and to read some of the Amazon reviews, please click the green button above.

So there are a couple of hexagon fish tank stands that we think look pretty awesome, and could do an awesome job of supporting your tank in your home! Please feel free to get in touch with us if you have any further questions.