How much do the Tanked aquariums cost?

Tanked is a popular and awesome tv show, where large aquariums are built for some pretty interesting purposes. The tanks on the show aren’t just large though, usually they’re very large and completely custom builds. So when people are watching the show, often they wonder how much one of those tanks will cost.

The guys who produce the tanks from the show Tanked have their own website, but they don’t actually list prices on there – because every aquarium build they do is custom. However, it’s likely that due to their popularity they don’t work with clients for the show Tanked unless they’re willing to spend in excess of 5 figures for an aquarium ($10,000+).

So that’s how much an aquarium from Tanked costs! If you’re in the market for a large custom aquarium then we can build those too, feel free to get in touch with us today. 

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  1. I received a response from Sam early this morning. Thanks for the quick response! I need the specs for the build based on the request that I sent last evening. I am very interested in doing business with you guys! Also, want to make sure that the acrylic is thick enough to withstand the test of time and would like to confirm the height of the tank as well as to see if there can be artificial coral inserts covering the returns. Again, thanks for the quick response.

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