How much does a 30 gallon aquarium cost?

If you're looking to buy a 30 gallon aquarium, you're not short of options. There are a huge number of brands selling 30 gallon fish tanks available in materials such as glass or acrylic, and there are even companies sellng custom tanks at this size. So as you can imagine the price varies quite a bit. Here is an overview of how much a 30 gallon aquarium can cost:

  • custom built - a custom built 30 gallon aquarium made with glass will typically cost at least $90 with standard dimensions
  • prebuilt (acrylic) - acrylic is more expensive than glass and a 30 gallon aquarium built with acrylic could cost at least $120
  • prebuilt (glass) - a prebuilt glass 30 gallon fish tank can cost as little as $50 from a company like Aqueon


Hopefully this guide helps see the typical costs of a 30 gallon aquarium, if you'd like to see our selection of aquariums at this size please see our 30 gallon aquarium page.