Octagon Fish Tanks & Aquariums (With Stands)

We can build a completely custom octagon fish tank for your fish, using either glass or acrylic. We can also build an octagon aquarium using your chosen dimensions. If you’d like a custom octagonal aquarium, please contact us here. Alternatively we have a page about our hexagonal aquariums too.

Below we have included a few of the octagon fish tanks that we’ve built over the last few years as examples of our work:


Octagonal Tall Aquarium




This is a 15 gallon octagonal aquarium that we built in 2019. It was a custom build that we completed in 1 month. Although this is a smaller tank, we can build much larger octagonal fish tanks.


Tall Fish Tank (Octagon)



A much taller octagon fish tank that is around 55 gallons in size. We built this with acrylic.


So there are a couple of octagon fish tanks for you to see as examples of our work.

Are these aquariums safe?

One of the questions that I get quite often is how safe the fish tanks on this website are. And although I don’t always get a chance to try out these fish tanks for myself, I don’t recommend them unless I have friends or colleagues who have. I can understand that when you look at this octagon fish tank, you might have some concerns. After all, an octagonal shaped fish tank is kinda weird looking! But don’t worry, these tanks are all completely safe and I wouldn’t recommend them on my website otherwise.

Do these fish tanks look as good as they do in the images? 

Of course! They probably actually look better than they do in the images. They’re much larger for starters, and have some pretty effects that make them look colorful. If you’re really unsure about whether you like the fish tank or not, you could simply order it then return it immediately.

Why are octagon fish tanks so hard to find?

We really don’t know! There are loads of different reasons why you might want one of these tanks, yet they’re very hard to come by. If you’ve ever tried to look online (as we did) then you’ll probably notice that there are mainly hexagon fish tanks available, and the octagonal variety are a bit harder to come by. We think it’s probably because they’re harder to build safely, and that very few companies know how to properly create the fish tanks. We have to admit, the octagonal shape is slightly complicated. Yet that is what makes the tanks so unique! Also, buying the extras for this tank might be quite hard. After all, most tanks need extra lids or hoods to be secure, and getting your hands on octagonal hoods might seem a bit trickier. Fortunately, there are plenty of them out there.

The verdict?

There’s nothing wrong with these tanks, and if you like the shape then there is no reason why you shouldn’t consider getting one. However, if you have larger fish then I wouldn’t recommend this fish tank at all. You need considerable space for fish, and the great thing about the octagonal shape is that it creates more space than it seems like initially. Which is awesome for homeowners who have limited space in their homes!

We also have similar fish tanks on this website if these octagon fish tanks don’t float your boat. Feel free to take a look around our website, or drop us an email at Fish Tank Bank for more information!