Seachem Matrix

Seachem Matrix Bio Media 1 Liter

This is the 1 liter version of the Seachem Matrix, and has a 4 star rating from over 190 reviews.

Matrix, 2 L / 67.6 oz.

This is the 2 liter variety of the Seachem Matrix which has a 4 star rating from over 110 reviews.

Caribsea Life Rock

This is a much smaller variety of the Seachem Matrix, but is still highly reviewed with 4 stars average rating from over 40 reviews.

Seachem Matrix is a high porosity biomedia that provides efficient biofiltration for the removal of nitrogenous waste, and can be absolutely indispensable for people who want to ensure the cleanliness of their tank water. Seachem Matrix is denitrifying which means it rids water of ammonia, nitrite and nitrate.