Spotted Betta Fish – Facts You Need To Know

There is a lot of confusion surrounding Betta fish and spots, mainly because many fish owners are under the impression that a Betta fish covered in spots is one of the telltale signs of an unhealthy fish. And although this is true in many cases, there is actually a breed of Betta covered in spots – called the ‘Spotted Betta’ (not a very imaginative name but I suppose it describes it aptly enough).

So what do we know about the Spotted Betta? Not a huge amount unfortunately, as like most Betta fish they’re notoriously shy. What we do know however is this:

  • It’s also known as the ‘Java Fighting Fish’, which if you ask me is a much better name.
  • It’s native to Indonesia, but is also common in parts of Malaysia.
  • They are ‘mouthbrooders’, which means they carry their young in their mouth for extended periods of time.
  • However, they’re also known to react to changes in water by spawning lots of young. The idea behind this is that changes in water means predators are nearby, and the by filling the water with their young, their chances of survival increases. Pretty grim!
  • It’s probably not the best Betta to keep as a fish. Other types of Betta come in so many beautiful colours and have so much personality, but a Spotted Betta is a shy fish who isn’t exactly the prettiest to look at.

So there you go, that is everything you need to know about a Spotted Betta. I’m sure they’d be perfectly fine to keep as pets, they just might be a bit boring is all (they’d probably spend all day chilling in their hammock!)