Unique Fish Bowls


What makes you unique? It could be your gorgeous hair, your glistening eyes or maybe even your smooth way with people. Whatever makes you unique, chances are it’s a good thing. Generally speaking, people want to be considered unique. And we think that being an individual, so your fish bowl should be too! Unique fish tanks are the ultimate way to stamp your personality on your fish’s environment, so check out the list of funky bowls that we have included below, all for sale through Amazon!

Disclaimer: We only choose bowls that are SAFE for fish!


Fish shaped fish bowl



This is like Inception or something! Put your fish…inside a fish! If this isn’t unique then don’t know what is….But we’ve not just added this because we think it looks cool. It has loads of positive reviews over on Amazon, with people saying that they love the detail and quality of the glass bowl. If you fancy this cool bowl, click on the button below to check it out on Amazon.


Globe fish bowl



On the surface, this may not seem very unique. But one of the key features of this bowl really sets it apart from the others on this list. It has a waterfall feature which gives it a different feel to other types of fish bowls. We’ve added it to the list because it is well made, different and has some great reviews over on Amazon, which you can check out by clicking the green button below.

LED half moon bowl



This tank has an awesome LED feature which can light up the whole space, creating a great atmosphere for your fish to live in! It also has a convenient feeding hole in the lid, making it practical as well as stylish. If you fancy bringing some light into your bowl, this could be a great option. It also has a curved side, so could easily fit in the corner of any room. Click the button below to check this out over on Amazon, as well as read some of the reviews.

Turtle bowl



I think this one takes the prize of ‘most unique’, and it’s not even that expensive! Brilliantly designed to look like a turtle, it can be a great centrepiece for any table in a room, and can make your fish the centre of attention! It has a nice, sturdy weight to it, which adds to the overall quality to the piece. It has some fantastic reviews on Amazon, with many of the reviewers saying that it looks far more expensive than it actually is, and that it has received lots of compliments! If you would like your bowl to receive similar compliments (which will make your fish feel great by the way) then you better have a unique one like this! To find out more about this item, click on the button below to be taken over to Amazon!


So there is our collection of unique and interesting fish bowls! We choose all of the items that we include on this site based on several things, including safety, average Amazon rating and best value for money. We think that the above items match all of this criteria! Feel free to check out some other items at FishTankBank!