Wall Mounted Fish Tanks & Aquariums


Before you guys go rushing out to get a wall mounted fish tank or aquarium, there are a few things that you should be aware of:

Firstly, make sure that the wall that you’ll be mounting the tank or aquarium on is actually sturdy enough to support the weight. Although most of the fish tanks included in this list aren’t too large or heavy, there’s always a chance that your wall might struggle with the weight. Add on top of that the several gallons of water you’ll be adding to the aquarium, and you’re basically putting a big weight on your wall! So it’s absolutely essential that the wall is strong.

You’ll also want to make sure that you have the proper mounting hardware for your fish tank or aquarium. This will usually come with the tank (and has been specified above if it has been included).

Finally, generally speaking fish tanks and aquariums that you mount on walls tend to be smaller, to try and make them lighter. This means that you might not be able to fit larger species of fish in a wall mounted fish tank, so they’ll generally be better suited for smaller fish like Bettas.

Now for the positives! Having a fish tank mounted on your wall can save you huge amounts of space. Although fish are small creatures, the space that they require can be much bigger than you’d expect. By keeping your aquarium on the wall, you’ll save lots of valuable space. You’ll also keep your beloved fishy friends out of reach of people (or pets!) who could potentially knock their tank over.

Now let’s get into the guide:


Jersey Home Decor Wall Mounted Aquarium

Besides looking great, this wall mounted aquarium has something which most of the other entrants in this list don’t – decent size. At 6 gallons, there is more than enough room here to keep a reasonable amount of fish very happy and healthy. Plus, the tank comes with almost everything you’d need to keep your fish healthy, including:

  • Lighting system – So you can get easily adjust the lighting in the tank to keep your aquatic friend happy
  • Powerful filtration system – Keeping the tank clean, so you don’t have to worry about buying a filter after you’ve purchased the aquarium
  • EZ wall mount brackets – making it super easy to mount this bad boy on your wall
  • Syphon – So you can easily remove water from the tank if needed
  • Remote control – Because, why not? This is a luxury wall aquarium after all…

If you can imagine this fish tank on your wall, then click below to check it out on Amazon, as well as read reviews and see other recommended products.

Brushed Aluminium Fish Bubble

Wall Mounted Acrylic Fish Bowl

Prugna Wall Fish Bowl

This is a surprisingly highly rated product over on Amazon – I say surprisingly, because admittedly very few of these wall mounted fish tanks tend to be very good, and the bowls tend to be even worse. They’re usually poorly made and not safe, but based on the reviews over on Amazon, it’s say to safe that this wall fish bowl from Prugna is actually pretty awesome.

Here is a quick rundown of the fish bowl:

  • 1 gallon – Only suited to smaller fish
  • Acrylic – Stronger and generally safer than glass
  • Simple to clean 
  • Comes with small decorations – Rock and Plant
  • Available in an LED variety

I’ll stress again that this wall fish bowl cannot and should not be used to keep medium or large fish. It is purely intended for smaller varieties, otherwise you are putting the health, safety and happiness of your fish at serious risk.  This bowl also doesn’t have a filter, so be sure to take extra care to ensure the cleanliness of the water. If you’re unsure about whether or not this wall fish bowl would be suitable for your fish, then contact the seller on Amazon through the button below, or read one of the many reviews.

Bayshore Wall Aquarium

We’ve included a few Bayshore products on our website before, because they’re generally very reliable. This wall mounted aquarium is no exception – from the design to the safety elements, the product has been designed with functionality in mind, which is exactly what you want as a fish owner. Any fish tank or aquarium that you’re going to mount on a wall needs to be sturdy, otherwise it becomes a potential hazard. Bayshore take pride in the reliability of their products, so this aquarium is the perfect choice for any owner who feels a little hesitant about keeping their fishy friend on the wall.  Here is a quick rundown of the main features of this great wall fish bowl:

  • Submersible filter – safe to keep underwater and important to maintain cleanliness
  • Mounting hardware – making it simple to mount on your wall
  • Aluminium plated frame – stylish and sleek design
  • Siphoning hose – important for cleaning
  • Removable glass lid – incredibly easy to maintain and clean
  • Magnetic glass algae cleaner – did I mention that his wall bowl is easy to clean?

For information about the specifications of this tank, click the button below.

KAZE Small Wall Fish Bowl (and others!)

This wall mounted fish bowl is one of 4 different wall bowls and tanks that you can purchase from KAZE. This fish bowl is a low cost but sturdy solution for any fish owners looking to proudly display their fish on a wall, and the rest of the products are very similar! The bowl is made from durable acrylic, and can easily contain several Betta fish comfortably. Here is a quick rundown of the fish bowl:

  • 1 gallon – small but big enough for smaller species
  • Acrylic – durable material
  • Easy to hang – has an attachment for hanging on the wall

All of the reviews are positive and give the impression that the bowl is spacious and suitable for small to medium sized fish. Reviews for the other products in the KAZE line are similarly highly rated! If you’d like to read some of these reviews, and find out more information about this item, please click the green button above.

Aquaview Wall Aquarium

This stylish and show stopping wall mounted fish tank is the perfect way to proudly showcase your fish in your home. This fish tank gives the impression that you’re watching your beloved fish live on a widescreen tv mounted on the wall! Unlike the other tanks on this list, the Aquaview is ideal for larger fishes and can still provide plenty of room for movement and comfort. The tank comes with a touchscreen interface which can help to control several actions, including cleaning and feeding of your fish. The tank comes complete with a filter system and an automatic feeding system, so you can get started with it straight away. Here is a quick rundown of everything you get with your purchase:

  • Automatic feeder – simply fill the feeder and it will distribute food to your fish gradually
  • Custom wall mounting brackets – making it incredibly easy to mount the tank on your wall
  • Carbon dioxide generator – allowing real plants to thrive in your aquarium
  • Dual filtration – ensuring the cleanliness of the tank and the water
  • Heater – easily adjustable so you can change the heat depending on what breed of fish you have and what their preferences are
  • Lighting – so the fish tank will light up your wall!

The reviews mention that this tank is big and sturdy, so will need a nice sturdy wall to accommodate it. To find out more about this item, click on the green button above.

Small Wall Tank

This smaller wall tank is perfect for areas where space is limited and for smaller fish, like Bettas. It has a stylish design which compliments any room that you place the tank in. It is a sturdy tank that has a fair amount of weight, so it is vital that it is mounted on a sturdy wall which could support the weight. Here are the main features of this small wall mounted aquarium:

  • Brushed aluminium frame – making this a stylish fish tank!
  • Includes mounting brackets – making it simple to mount this aquarium on your wall
  • Filter included – an important part of maintaining cleanliness
  • Scrubber and fish net included – 2 very useful accessories!

Fish Wall Bubble

This awesome wall mounted tank is ideal for a couple of Betta fish, and can look great on any wall. We added it to the list because it has loads of positive reviews on Amazon (which you can check out by clicking the green button above) and people are talking about how great it looks and how much their fish love it. If you want to read some more of these reviews and find out more about this product, click the green button above. I should point out that this wall mounted fish bubble is currently marked as unavailable on Amazon at the moment, so buyers should be aware of this, and should contact the seller if they’re really desperate to have this fish bubble in their home!